Friday, September 09, 2016



Matt had invited out for a drink in Brum. I had said no, but then I ended up working late on Friday. So I thought I’d give him a call and go fo a pint with them if it was still on. I got a train into the center and wandered around the Grand Central lost, but getting to know the new outside areas. Eventually I get to Bru Dog and meet Gavin in there.


They all move outside for me, to a quieter area so I could enjoy the conversation. It was much better for me outisde. In busy areas I just get  a mass of noise and can’t hear whom I talking with.


After the sun goes in, and we are further on from pint one, we move from enjoying the outside view.


You can always tell the class of the establishment by the Gents. Here you can see we are somewhere classy.


And it is a nice bar. Quiet, conservative.


And the beer here is good. Very good.


And its all on a menu. Of which the leather cover smells devine!


It says it all and is great here.


Time flies by so quick, just liek the drinks.


And soon


It is time to check for the trains.


A while later I’m on the express to the north. I’ve enjoyed tonight. My first real night out, and an experience I was scared of attending. It worked out so nice to see them all again, its been so long. I should have not had so much nice beer though.

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