Saturday, September 03, 2016

It’s As Good As It Gets


My parents have been great keeping me company at the weekend. And this weekend they come and we go to the Barns. We haven't been to the Barns for a long time. Essentially it got too busy! Today though it is peaceful.


Are the parents too busy getting the kids ready for school? Or has the rain put them off.


We have some dinner and the timing for this


was essential, as one my mom always turns up late and


two the times to swimming on a Saturday start at 13:30


And so I take her for her first swim session at Cannock Leisure Centre.


Which I knew she would good about due to the changing facilities and the easy down stairs they put in, and I asked at the reception before we paid. Considering it cost me £4.75 for me to go on my own, taking my mom cost £7.50. I take it they automatically put her in the over 65 bracket. Here the prices to go swimming are good, if your on benefits, not in work, or are old. If your an normal adult the price I feel is too high.


I later go to Aldi, and finally get a new red washing up bowl. I had been looking for a red one for about a year now.


Life is as good as it gets now!


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