Saturday, July 30, 2016

Modern Times


I have some deliveries this morning. Some Retro magazines I do not have.


And some more retro magazines I do not have.


And a new set of Panasonic phones for the house. Why you may ask. Well I wanted a set with an answer phone. I miss all those people leaving me messages asking me for quotes to do roofs. Anyway these were £30 off ebay.


Look good and newer than the ones my dad gave me.


Of course they are “new” and “fully working” having been sent back after a customer had decided they didn’t like them but with no instructions.


Of course I found out that the instructions missing was an important clue. Two of the three phones would connect to the base. And so the search goes onto the internet to find intructions. However instructions for this set seem to have never been put out there. So I read some other panasonic ones and there you go, how to reprogram the handsets to a new base. Would it be the same for this model? Yes it would. And then I thought. Would thsi also work with the old handsets making them work with new base? Wow yes it does!


My mom is dropped off and we go to catch the bus into town. Its too far for her to walk. So at the bus stop is the old fashioned way to catch a bus.


And on my phone is the new way, where you can see where the buses are.


It is however not as live as it should be. The bus comes, but the bus hasn’t come according to the phone app!


We get as much as we can carry.


I really could do with some loose tea. However not driving at the moment means Waitrose tea is too far away. I plumb for this but ponder if the description is saying its from the dregs of the floor. It seems to be everthing blended.


Later I’m in Aldi. And luckily while I’m in there I learn I need some paprki and chilli spices for the sweet potatoes I brought from the Green Grocier earlier.


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