Thursday, September 08, 2016

My Hand In My Pants


This book has some interesting moments in it. And also some unintrestng ones. Its a bit of a downer book. Although I like the story enough to keep going. If your thinking about suicide, its proberably best not to read it. Well to this point.


Off the train I meet my parents, as I was meant to go to the doctors earlier but they still had not recieved the info from the other clinic and that I was just feeling down. Perhaps reading a couple of chapters in that book may have not helped. I suggest we went out for tea. Opposite the station is the Mill Farm. I havn’t been there for some ten years so lets give it a go.


Well its been done out although they are still doing their famous carvery still.


Although you do not have to have carvery. They also do a home made pizza, in their pizza area.


I go for one of them and get handed a vibrator. At first I thought it meant 13 minutes. I was wrong. It was just vibrator 13.


Soon enough it vibrated, and I went to collect the pizza from the pizza area. Where by I was told I could have salad and chips with it. I had to and it made me think of my friend Alan.


The only other person I know to have had chips on their pizza. Only I’m not in Italy.


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