Friday, September 23, 2016

Packing Light


There is a point where you have to pack light. However there is only so much you can physically cram in.


A while later I realised that I’ve forgotten something. My pills. Dam it. Too late to go back…


All so on the way to the station the sole on my boots gave up again. While I love them so much, I think it is time to say goodbye.


For now I sit and relax at the station and enjoy my book.


The Chu Chu comes and I put my case in the rack.


And sit back and relax like this pair, only not staring at my phone.


Sometime later and I’m looking at my train ticket and wondering where my Cross Country Service is.


I need to find platform 4B before 17:31,  which turns out to be a bit awkward as I don’t know my way around the Bullring and Grand central areas well enough yet to make the journey swift. However I find the sation area.


And according to the station info is still platform 4B. But where is platform 4B? Platform 4A is sign posted. But not 4B. I go down the 4A escalators.


Further down the platform of 4A is 4B. But there is still no train here. Then it comes and I find that coach F is at the front and not the rear where I’m standing I make the dash forward, noting there is no coach E.


Well the train is crowded. Very crowded, and while I have a reversed seat the seat doesn't say it is reserved on the display. As it happens some kind sole asks the person sitting there to leave anyway. And they do. So I have my seat, that is meant to be a forward facing aisle seat, but is neither. But then at least I’m sitting down. Unlike so very many.


This is Wolverhampton, and soon the person who sorted my seat out gets to sit next to me when the person next to me leaves. Interestingly he is also going to Stockport. He commutes everyday from Hazel Grove to Birmingham and is in the Gym business. It is nice to have some to talk to on the journey and it passes by ever so quickly.


And here I am at Stockport station at 7pm. I am luckily enough to have Zoe pick me up via the back entrance I’d never seen before.


And here I am. Its good to be back. Somewhere that always feels like home. Maybe worryingly so for Alan and Zoe.


I’m so happy to be back, although I sit the opposite way round so I can hear what Alan is texting me on the phone!


It just like two peas in a pod. Zoe has also cooked dinner, even though I’d had a message from Alan of not getting comfortable, were are going out to spend some time with George.


Which is exactly what we did. Once in Manchester, Alan fancied a walk, and so we walked miles to Marble Arch. So on the whole I could hear everyone. Well al but George’s sister, where the conversation across the table meant a lot was lost in both directions. Luckily I live in Canada, so that is Okay then. And where in Canada do I live, just off the M6! It matters not though, I was with the faces I love to be with so much, I had a drink and a smile on my face once more. Talking of smiles.


Here we drank until we could drink no more. And went to another pub to drink more. Even though we wanted no more. oh I’m wrong, Alan wanted just one more.


Perhaps it was the realisation of having me stay once more.


Eventually we got some food, said goodnight to George and left Manchester in a taxi. It was £24 quid. Which is what I told the man on the train it cost to get a taxi from Manchester to Stockport. But he didn’t believe me. But I was right for a change, not that I needed to know that. All I needed was the bed I remember so well.

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