Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sexy Pages


The hundreds of sunflower seeds never came up. There's a few, but I don’t get why so many never came up.


At dinner time I get a baguette and head down the canal. Its a nice day out to watch the boats go to and throw.


Did I say it was a nice day? Did I? Well once back in the office the clouds came and it went dark, because the clouds came.


Oddly though for short period of time I made it to the station dry. And waited at Thame Bridge Parkway on my own for the second train.


I read my book, one thing I have noticed is the paper this book is made from, they are, so soft, silky, sexy to touch like the skin of a girl. I rub my fingers gentle up and down on them whilst I read and turn the pages. Help I’ve been turn on by paper. Okay that may be a bit much, but wow I like the feel.


I walk home the town center way to find when I near get home my parents pulling up. If only they had got me from the train station it would have made me happy. The thing is they had, only neither of them had there phones on them so they didn’t call, and for those that don’t know the car park is on the opposite side, so I was not to know!


We went out for tea, back at the Mill Farm. I didn’t have pizza this time though.


I had a carvery too. And it was so nice, for a mere £4.99. We all enjoyed it.


Back at home I thought I’d better book a train ticket. Erm all the cheaper ones had gone. So no first class anymore. So a return ticket it is then, what times would be suitable? And how am I going to pack light?


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