Thursday, September 29, 2016

Simple Flexible Fares


On the chu chu to Walsall, it is comfy this morning.


Whilst I wait on the platform for chu chu two, this train reappears. It is a special train we do not see very often through here.


It is a rail inspection train. And hence I guess why it is visible yellow.


As I sit and read the metro there is one piece I like to read and laugh. Simple, flexible fares. So I can pay £5.50 each way or £105 for a return. Why oh why/


I read my book avidly for the rest of the journey.


Dinner time doesn't come quick enough.


I catch the early train home, and decide to use the cattle class carriage. It is more likely to have a seat. And I am right.


As I leave the station I see that they are retarmacing the pathways around it.


They seem to be doing only one side of the path at a time, so we the public can still use it without getting our souls black and sticky.


My parents rang earlier to say would I like them to meet me off the train and go for tea. Hell yes I would.


And so we have an inexpensive carvery at the Mill Farm pub again.


I wish I had left room for a pudding, but I didn’t!


And so I relaxed for the rest of the evening.


I watched the box and then went to bed.


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