Saturday, September 10, 2016



I get up eventually. I have a letter in the post advising me of a pill they want me to take, and to make an appointment at the doctors. My mom is dropped off and we head into town for some shopping.


Then we come back, get our swimming gear togeather and head to the local sports center. When we get there I ask for two adults and get told they are having an open day, so there is no charge. Perhaps they should have considered publisicing the open day. We were given a red arm band each and wentoff to get changed. In the pool it was less busy than last week. The hot showers were wonderful and my mom enjoyed a good swim. I did 58 lengths when my mom said she had, had enough.


Later we were all back at my house. I lit the Wilco scented candle.


It did not seem to smell, once lit!


For the rest of the night I cooked some tea and played Fallout 4.


The area I was stuck in was hard. I got killed, I got killed, I got killed. And then at the end of the level I got a sneak bobble head. No wander I got killed so often.


Once that area was completed, I started the new downloaded area, Far Harbour. And that is where I finished the night as I needed to be up early.


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