Sunday, September 25, 2016

Some Days I Wish


Is it time to get up I ponder. Alan informs me not, but I don’t want to waste the day in bed, but  I also have to consider, have I had enough sleep. I need my eight hours.


I get up and head to the bathroom. Its mid according to the clock in here.


I find breakfast and stand naked infront of Alan's house cam considering I should probably not be wandering around the house in such a state of non attire.


I sit and watch a program on the day to day running of the chu chu network of Britain. I find it very interesting, the other find it very interesting that I find it interesting. They prise me away by finishing off Settlers of Catan from where we left off last night and then bring out Trojan.


While I try and get my brain working the others dash ahead on points. I am blue if you had not guessed.


There is a point where two of them are thinking the same thing.


How did blue do that.


or how did blue do that.


Alan didn’t want to talk about it.


These mancala saucers are a real pain in the backside.


I know exactly how you feel.


Its time to score up. And blue is somewhere ahead of everyone, even when all the other scoring actions take place.


Apparently on that note it is time for Nack to leave!


It has been so nice to be back up here and see everyone's faces once more. I’ve so enjoyed it, I’ve been so happy to be with them. It has brought a smile to my face and my soul, I haven't had for weeks.


George kindly drives me to the station where I await the Cross Country Express.


Here my companions of travel await with me.


A train comes. Its the Virgin Express, to nice to be my train.


Then comes a local chu chu.


And here it is!


Well my seat is taken again so I sit next to someone else. Who want to get off at Macclesfield. Although that I didn’t know, and she had obviously tried to ask me politely on my deaf side. I caught her though in my eye while I was away in my head with the fairies. I apologised and explained I had not ignored her, while she swiftly left the seat for the carriage doors and the platform. From here


We swiftly passed Stoke on Trent and


on to Stafford where I get off to change direction. I could keep head south to Birmingham but there is a choice. So I took it.


So this is how I feel about the weekend. This might be how I feel about a fair few things. But right now, about this weekend and being with some of my friends I hadn’t seen for a while.

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