Friday, September 16, 2016

Someone is trying to tell me something


So today I try to catch the 7:20am train again today, like yesterday. And start to remember why I catch the later train. As I saw the train enter the station and had to run a distance. This never happens with the next train. I make it although I’m dying and now sweating whilst sat down. Will I ever stop gulping for air?


I’m not sure but I think Jerds is trying to tell me something, I’m not getting the message though, or understanding it.



On the way home, the trains are to cock. I’ve waited for the second train unlike last night where I got the 5:05pm train only to find they were both rammed and never got a seat. The Virgin expresses are coming through Aston and then I see my Rugeley Trent valley go by. None of these are stopping at Aston of course. And when is my train now due. You have got to be kidding. Well I wonder what the connecting service we be like. I got to Walsall because if your going to get stuck somewhere its best to get stuck somewhere with a bar.


By the time I get home, I’m tired. I turn on the box in my bedroom and sit in the Ikea chair. It is nice, so very, very, very, very nice and comfortable. Eventually though I decide that for tonight's tea is Waitrose Essential steak. Quite old now, I think they call that matured. I get the essential ingredients out, butter, lemon, and seasoning. Oh wow, oh wow it tastes just amazing, and with that I sit in my snug room and watch taken 2 on Film four and relax some more.

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