Saturday, September 24, 2016

The Fear Has Gone


I get up, its quiet late,have a shower and go downstairs. There is no other noise in the house. Alan and Zoe are still in bed.


I make a brew and eat some cornflakes. I fancy toast really badly, but there appears to be no bread. I consider going to the shop. But then settle in front of the TV with the PS4. I try to play Fallout 4 but it would appear my game saves are not on the cloud for this game. And so put on a different game. Some time later and I mean around 2pm Alan and Zoe make an appearance. She tells me to put on Lumo


Apparently I will like it. It is an old style game like head over heels and it is fiendishly hard in places. Well if you are collecting the ducks. Which at some point shortly after this I stop doing.


George comes over and we swap between us moving forward through the game. Zoe in the other room sets up Settlers OF Catan and we order some take out.


As always we order too much take out. And there is food everywhere.


You can see on their faces


They expect to win.


And that's because they all have brick and I don’t, even though I have two quarries!


Sometime later we catch a train towards Manchester to go to Scott's 40th Birthday party. Which turns out not to be his 40th Birthday but the end of the 40th year. As it happens when we reach the station I realise I have left the 40th Birthday card in Alan and Zoe’s house.Did it ever make it to Scott I ponder? We go to the bottle shop in Heaton Moor, where the man who runs the beer stall in Stockport market is also running this shop come bar. I like it here, but alas we go for a walk into the suburbs.


I hang out in the garden where it is quieter so I can hear better and also where the Jenga is. I would have probably hung out in the garage more if I’d know then that Scott’s delicious home brew was in there on tap. As it was I had brought more than enough beer with me from the shop, loads and loads of IPA. We play Jenga and the tower seemed to grow, even though it wobbled a lot.


It becomes really exciting.


Who will make it fall?


Is that one free Gorge?


Maybe not.


Alan thinks he’s onto a winner.


On goes the brick


It wobbles again only


This time it falls.


Whilst some poeple, talk about Switzerland, others hang out in the garage, the noisy music room, Alan goes to bed in the front room. I didn’t see how it happened or how he got so comfy.


I should have joined him, however as the party goers thinned out, there was time to boogie, drink more in the garage and dance some more. The music was load, my balance was good, the tunes were great and no cared about laughing at each others moves. I’d never considered dancing so weeks ago, and the thought of being in a noisy environment where what I can and cannot hear is awkward and disorientating, I would avoid due to the awkwardness. I’m grateful Scott allowed me to his party, it made me happy, for me it was a great night and what I needed, and it was good so good to be around people. The Fear has gone. I hope he enjoyed it just as much. At some point though it was time to go home and call a cab. It was 5am! But where was Alan?


As it happens he was walking home, he was about half way. He said he was alright and Zoe, George and myself headed back. We never saw him on the way though and it was raining. He’d be so wet Sad smile.


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