Saturday, September 17, 2016

Then We Came To The End


I get up and waiting down stairs for me is an envelope. Inside is the tickets for an adventure.


I wonder how the weekend will go, I wonder how well I will cope with not being at home.


My mom is dropped off and we then get the bus into town. For dinner we try the Copper Kettle in the centre next to the bus station.


It appears to keep my mom happy.


And myself.


We are number 50. Dinner comes and with our fuel tanks full


we go shopping. We visit many places including poundland, Iceland, the green grocer and a clothing store.


I get another pair of trousers for my ever expanding waistline and another book to add to the collection of books I have but are not getting read!


I paly fall out 4 for a while and then my brother comes round and he has finished upgrading my old Compaq 6910p laptop that had Vista professional on it to windows 10.


oh wow it is phenomenally fast, and now uses all 4GB of RAM that is installed. We can Blog once more!


For tea we head to the pied piper chip shop. And order 2 haddocks that need to be cooked. I pay and we wait. I never considered that £8:80 was too little.


While waiting for the fish to cook I noted that they were not listed on Google maps. So I added them, gave them a review and waited for the fresh succulent fried white meat to be cooked to perfection. Only when I got home did I realise what had happened when there was no chips! Back to the chip shop quick!


I knocked up a salad and we


ended up with a huge tea.


I lit a poundland candle and then we watched a film I struggled to keep my eyes open through. It was time for bed really.


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
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