Friday, September 02, 2016

Where Did my Mo Jo Go?


Where did my Mo Jo Go? Several weeks have passed since I got ill. It has left me deaf in the one ear and has made me sad, very sad on occasions. Its not just the deafness but the noise inside my head it has constantly left me with, which is making everyday life, well not pleasurable and sometimes down right miserable. I guess compared to how ill my mom got some years back this is a tiny drop in the ocean but then that's not how it feels. It also leaves me quiet dizzy at times and wanting to do nothing. However I think I’m finding my mo jo so here is a first blog post for many many days (I might write backwards). Today I finally got my visit to the ENT Clinic for a consultation and hearing test. Sitting in the booth knowing you should be pressing the button isn’t a great feeling. I was latter told the results and basically told that it has been that long if it hasn’t come back it will not. I got shown the graph and there was some concern that I thought my hearing in the other ear is okay when in fact it is not either. Anyway bad news over for now until they do an MRI scan. I’m keeping a log how long this all takes and at the end I’ll share it. Back at home I thought to myself, now I knew what the hearing test was, that there must be one on the phone as an app. And there was so I downloaded it.


Things look like this. My right ear is the red line. Remember this isn’t with calibrated earphones. And I would say I’m most likely in the deaf bit a bit lower. I now really need to look after my other ear, Gulp. Really what I wanted to know was is there enough left to get an hearing aid? They wouldn’t discuss this yet, or they wanted to leave the discussion with the GP.


Anyway to give you some idea of some other examples I tried my aging mom and dad out and their results were as follows, knowing my dead is deaf, try having a conversation with him! And now I know why he doesn’t hear everything.


For my aging mom, errrr wow, pretty dam good!


Back at home, what should I do?


I watch the movie Dating Drew in 5.1. Not only is the sound crap, so is the movie. But to give her, her dew, Drew turned up for the date! Lucky man!

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