Monday, October 03, 2016

At A Loss


I get up ad head to work.


At the station while people are dreaming of owning Merc’s I get my new train ticket.


Today though I leave work early.


I read my book, its a Funny kind of Story.


Although I’m still waiting for the punch line.


Its so relaxing on the train.


Back at home after the doctors they confirm the scan is normal. And so they diagnose me officially with Meniere's Disseise. So the noise in my head will be forever. The deafness too. I should feel lucky that nothing odd like a tumour is going on in my head. But that's not how I feel. Perhaps if you know your days are numbered you know to make the most of what you have left. I am left pondering, how long can I listen to this infernal noise in my head without going mad? Totally mad? I’m not sure I can?


And as of today I officially have to stop driving until the DVLA contact my doctor and decide when I can drive again, if at all. It seems odd to me that for all this time no has said you shouldn’t drive. I just haven't because that's how I feel. Now though when I feel the best I have, I now can’t. The form is already filled out at the doctors, it just needs posting. At least the pills make me feel so much better. Now it is a waiting game. Is there a glimmer of hope that nature will out do the doctors and I will get better? In two weeks time I should see the ENT doctor again. If I hear nothing ah, ah, then I should chase them up. I’m given the number and contact.


And with that my parents take me out for tea. We go to The Barns for a change. Its where I want to go, its where I fancy going. Its where I want to be.


And I have scampi and chips.


Its very reserved here today.


Dinner is nice, the company divine. I lust for company all the time. I’m so alone in this head of mine.


And with that I select to sleep in the back bedroom, that’s calming.


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