Sunday, October 16, 2016

Friends and Guests


I wake up take the bed clothes off the bed and put fresh ones on. Tonight I’m expecting a guest so I’ll have to move to the front bed room. I put the duvet cover on the bed.


When I look out of the window it looks like


the aliens have been playing in my garden in the night.


I have breakfast and put the garden furniture back where it came from. It’s nice and therefore ponder if the Greenies are going to come round and show me the new doggie.


Yay as it happens they do, I grab the OS map of Cannock and we head to the Chase. I suggest we go somewhere I haven't been before. We park up and the dog is well excited.


And goes for a run on her own. So much freedom. We walk on along a path, in an area I’ve never walked before.


The exercise does us all good on this lovely afternoon. And Dotty the dog is out of this world happy.


Wow such a lovely green area. But this is in fact no normal area.


This was RAF Hednesford.


And this rock marks the entrance.


It used to be big, really big.


We end up walking back a shorter route, which takes us to the visitors center. Now I knew there was a center for the biking and other activities, but I didn’t realise there was one for well just visiting.


Here there was an original hut, from world war I. And inside a small museum, of RAF Hednesford and how Cannock Chase was a big part of
World War 1. A lady there gives me a talk on it and we study a map. Wow it was huge, and there was no trees back then! And there was railways and a huge hospital with running water and proper toilet facilities which changed eventually to a village which was where many people want to live because of these facilities. It all made sense now. What was interesting was how the carpenters that built all the wooden huts were paid lots more than the soldiers who were risking their lives!


We had a cup of tea and a sit down before we found time


And the energy to walk back to the car. Hold on, does anyone know where the car is?!?!?


I get dropped off at home and they disappear. There company is swapped with that of Matts how turns up about an hour later. And just in time for tea. All we need to decide now then is do we go posh or not.


If we go posh we don’t get a balti dish. If we go Samnam then we get a Balti dish. We take a walk to Chadsmore.


So now you know. And the great thing about here is you also get proper nans too.


Matt is really impressed. And I gather he loves it. The place is busy for a Sunday. Or is this the new Sunday dinner fashion, going for a curry.


We play retro games on the consoles and then I introduce him to Table Top Racing, a new and modern version of Micro Machines we had been playing on the Sega Mega Drive upstairs. And with that I explained its a work night and I needed to go to bed. I went to bed happy and so did Matt.


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