Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Girl In A Green Dress


I look out, the kitchen window, out there, it looks like autumn. IMG_20161005_074105

And on the way to the station I notice the plants in the planters have got up and left. All of them.


The quietness of being alone! Where is everyone? Is there a fire drill going on?


I’m wearing my ref ski jacket. Nice and toasty.


It looks like I have gone for a Sonic The Hedgehog look with the hair.


Back at the station my parents meet me. I’m taking my mom to the cinema. Cannocks Classic Cinema. We have Fish and chip tea around mine and then head off. My dad decides to come too.


Just as we are entering the auditorium I open the door for them, when my dad asks, what have we come to see then son? Oh Dad, if you knew what we had come to see then you probably wouldn’t have come. The group of people behind us laugh. I head us to sit at the far right hand side for audio purposes. Remember this is the first time I’ve ventured into the cinema since the ear issue. What will I hear?


In fact what we have come to see is the Bridget Jones Baby.


And it is funny, smiley, comical and a great cast throughout.


It even has a girl in a green dress in it.


Wow I was so glad to have seen it. Audio to me wasn’t great, but hey I’ve got to get used to it, its still worth coming to the pictures. At least its only in stereo here!


And with that we head home. By god it is cold here.


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