Thursday, October 06, 2016

How Long Can We Keep This Up


While the weather has changed outside, there are some plants trying to make a last break for it. How pretty, how beautiful.


How inspiring. How long can they last though. How long can they struggle against natures turmoil of the end of the season? And then a bee appears to ones surprise.


The day goes by as they do and when I get home I consider


Should I move my broadband and phone. I ask Sky if they do it all and contact my provider on my behalf. They sort it all out I’m told.


In that case I press the button, the price can’t be beaten. It works out like this:

• Sky Broadband Unlimited (standard price = £10.00) 0.00

• Sky Talk Evenings and Weekends Extra £4.00

• Sky Talk Line Rental £17.40

Monthly total: £21.40.

And to top that they are going to give me a £90 loaded credit card.

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