Wednesday, October 26, 2016



On the train there is a new range of properganda.


Well when I say range, they have kept it simple. There is just one leaflet of self induced hypnotic deluded self appraisal.


One minute I watch the doors, wide open.


The next they close and the train disappears.


Usually there is something interesting to watch as the train passes by. But tonight I’m not finding the view interesting. Not at all.


I wander the quiet streets of Cannock and decide to go into Iceland to buy some dinner for tonight.


What I actually come out with it a packet of onion rings.


Not those once made of cheap mince onion, but ones made of full blown onion rings. Oh yummy.


I laugh at the letter NPower have sent me. Lies Lies Lies, there have been no cards put through my letter box making any requests because there have been no cards.


I sit and try to relax for a night again. Trying not to do anything. Not actually felling like doing anything anyway. I get on messenger and get chatting. I get an invitation to visit.


We look up some dates, and some train times and some costs, and then say well that’s booked then. Something to look forward to.

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