Friday, October 07, 2016

Oysters and Caviar


Most years I go to the dentist. This year I have come to the opticians, to get the contact lenses check up that's long overdue done. I get talking to some chap in there for 30 minutes while I wait for my appointment which seems to be delayed along with everyone else.


They apologise for trying to change the lens type and check everything is okay with my eyes. And then I leave.


Back at home I spot something.


I spot those sunflowers peaking over the top of the wall.


In the garden everything is still growing madly!


And it all looks healthy.


And so tidy. It is however time to put on my cowboy hat and head


To the station.


Usually I walk away from the station from this entrance. Today though I’m heading north.


And as I head up the path I see the sign. hum thats not right.


For a change I’m early, but there is no train shown for 12:25?


Hell looking at the ticket, the first station time on the ticket is part two of the journey and not when to catch the train from Cannock.


Hell I’m bolloxed. Options are get on next rain and get new tickets. Get a taxi. Call my dad and see if he can get me to Stafford station by 1pm. Now that would be possible as long as my mom doesn’t insist on coming with him.


As it happens my mom insisted in coming with him and therefore it took them ages to get to me in Cannock.


So close, yet so far. However I get a new ticket on the fly and it costs me £18. A bit better than the £40 I thought it was going to be and is listed on the website.


Yay I’ll be in Stockport soon.


And with that I relax for the cross country 13:30 service.


I find a seat and get lunch out. And oddly even though I have only just brought that train ticket When the ticket inspector comes to check the tickets I can’t find it anywhere. Luckily I have the receipt and he says he’ll come back to me later.


Luckily I find that ticket. I was sitting on it! Yep I’d put it on the seat before I sat down!


A while later we are passing through Stoke On Trent and IMG_20161008_223136

For some reason Alan is getting very moody with me, as my printer at home is no longer working and hence I needed to ask him to print it out at his workplace. I really don’t know what was so difficult about that.


Sometime later, I’m no longer on a train. I’m at their front door considering going next door for a massage!


I resist though and go inside and look at Alan's big gap. And the chimney.


I go for a walk up the road, have a coffee in the Monkey Shop and then return to the comfort of their house. I settle back in and await there return.


Before you know it, it is time to go, time to go to


The swimming pool.


Which is full of beer and people.


Now I’m not a big drinker and Alan therefore takes me outside for food.


And then a lecture and tasting session on a brewer. At least we get to sniff hops. This smell obviously went to our heads.


Can we all get in the photo? Can we?


They are like wine glasses, he carries.


But what inside them is not wine!


Glitter girl wants to know where all the horses are/


And so I explain.


Its not often you get two people in the same room with the same problem trying to discuss the same problem when neither can hear. Well okay they have luckily got an earing aid some twelve months on. How they love to tell me they can hear the noise of high heels, tweeting birds and all other things. While I struggle with the randomness of one ear being overloaded with sounds from everywhere. The faces though, they are the best, it is nice to see them again, to be with them.


I love fairy light, a beer festival with fairy lights, how delightful, how beautiful.


There is a point where everyone should understand their limits. Here I think George maybe reaching his.


And he’s realised it!


However this girl has no limits.


Then there is that moment.


When you realise there is something you really fancy. More than anything else.


That's right caviar and oysters.


Personally, I passed. Afterall I wanted to keep what I had inside me, inside me. I call a taxi and it appears like magic outside. I’d like to say I can remember what happens next. In fact I chatted to Zoe on the sofa before going to bed.


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