Thursday, October 20, 2016

Sky's The Limits


I get an Amazon parcel before I leave for work. As it happens its my next book.


At the station I look at what high paid people are trying to influence me in and


then divert my eyes into something which might take my mind much further away.


Back on the ground, it is Sky box turn on day. I’ve had a text to say plug it in, its swap over day and it has happened. To be frank I don’t want to use the free box, but to keep things simple we will to get up and running.


After all this model SR102 is a load of crap. Crap technology inside, and both my BT Hub and Netgear router I have are far far better.


So installation is simple. In fact too simple. Which is when I find that its so simple to make it so hard.


So hard to use your own router! What??!? Yep, and I’m not the only one who is confused by this. No password and no username and if you call sky up they won’t know it either. It is built into the box and stays in the box. To get it out of the box is clearly not made easy. And never sky your sky broadband router. Because whoever gets it has your user name and password embedded into it. So they will use your user name and password as you can't change it.


However there is a way to get that user name and password. First of all it involves downloading a program called WIRESHARK. So here we go……SKY’s the limit…….


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