Monday, October 31, 2016

The Things You Treasure


I looks so cold outside. Even this bug is trying to get in.


My cactus is trying to flower so nicely. Severely times.


So here is my healthy breakfast. I’m trying to cut back on the cron type breakfasts at the moment.


Right I have a weeks worth of pills, I need to call the doctors.


As I look around I ponder the things I treasure so much still.


All tucked away so nicely.


And with that I head to work. IMG_20161031_131824

If things could go wrong they did, and with that I enjoy a nice icecream at dinner time. It’s mighty fine. If only Matt was here to enjoy one to. Hopefully his new job is better, the lesser commute for him divine.


On the way home I notice the banner. I look at the date and


consider this year I’ll be missing it.


Back at home I have a surprise parcel. Well only because they got here so dam quick. I knew they where coming. All I need now is some snow.


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