Friday, November 11, 2016



There are some people who should be leaders and then there are others that are. For those that are worrying about the future, rest assured that whoever is the American President, if they aren't doing a good job, history shows they usually get fired. With a gun.


This isn’t breakfast. It is dinner!


Although I wasn’t expecting the toast!


Back at home I’ve had a water bill. It must be two ears now I have had a meter. And look at that, I’m owed water.


I check their estimate and then


I check the meter. Erm they are underestimating. I’ll have to let them no 143 vers 157. It’s leaving the sodding garden hose on for days without realising it.


And with that I download Doom for the sega dreamcast. Burn the disc and have a play before going to bed.


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