Thursday, November 10, 2016

Everyone Has A Story


As I look outside through the kitchen window I see the nasturtiums slump on the ground.


What a mess that is going to make. Well has made.


At present I seem to have too much milk. Its not eating those cereals.


As the book says everyone has a story. For some reason this week I have perked up a lot. I feel me, rather than moping me, sad me, fed up me. Don’t get me wrong the noise still drives me made, but I can feel me once more. I head back towards Cannock early for today I finally get to see the ENT doctor again, since early September. We go through the MRI scan again, he is delighted that there is no problems inside there, although I have already been through the scan with my GP so I’m not that excited by the news. And we have a chat, about how I’m doing or not doing since our last visit. Okay so the pills make huge difference, which in four months time he wants to try and get me off. Apart from that there was no suggestions. So I pushed the hearing aid hard or anything that would make my life easier. And so he has referred me to the hear hospital and the audiologist section, to see what they can offer. That will be in some 4 weeks time.


Back at home me and my dad get looking at the radiator in the Bathroom. Well its not attached to the wall anymore!


In fact it works better this way round.


At least the bathroom will not be getting cold.


And with that its time to call it a day and go to bed.


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