Thursday, November 24, 2016

I’m Not Sure About The Carpet


As I walk home I go into Morrisons. I get some bargains for tea and then head through the town centre looking at the lights. Erm This year they are a bit of a let down.


I go and check if the new pub is open. It is. I wonder to myself if it would be a good idea to go in. If I go in will I come out? Will I?


Inside I conclude that as I put my shopping down that I’m not sure about the carpet. It’s, well its red.


I get a pint and look at it.


Then I look at the walls.


Then I take a sip, and another, and another. I relax and sip. I don’t drink it quickly but can confirm that at this point it had gone to my head and I was beginning to think this was a bad idea.


I drank up and left through the door. Yeah I was going home, yeah I was. Then.


Can that be real?


I look in, there is a girl in there, I open the door and as if she is open.


She is, what look, as I need the old barnet trimming so badly, it was well out of control. She spent the next 30 minutes massaging my head and chatting to me before extracting £9.50 from me for the privilege. She tells me that she will be open every Thursday until 9pm and that it handy to have the pub next door. She’s also been cutting hair for 16 years. Something I should have checked first as she has only opened here last week.


Back at home I marvelled how much better I looked with my short hair again and then


ponder if I really was going to eat 18 chocolate tea cakes and some rustic pate on them for tea!


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