Friday, November 04, 2016

Pills And Belly Aches


I got to the doctors this morning to start the rolling prescription. I get registered on an online system. And well now I have to still pick up my first prescription sometime after 11am on Thursday. The train is might quiet on the way to work. I sit right at the back of the chu chu for a change.


I wait to get off.


And what a nice view we have, once off.


On the way home I get a picture of Andy’s and Carolines new garden. Well at first I don’t.


What I want to know though is how they grew there grass so quickly?


I look at the boiler pressure and then check every joint ont he radiators. They are all dry. Then I check the boiler diagram before charging the boiler pressure up again. Thats two days on the run its gone to zero. That isn’t good.


I go through my mail, hey I’ve got an invertation.


That will be a nice Sunday afternoon.


And with that I got to bed.


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