Friday, November 25, 2016

The Kings Head


I knew I should have packed last night. Now I try to do it all in a rush. The bonus of using this rucksack though is I find those batteries for my camera that I lost a long time ago!


I get a parcel in the post. I’ll plug myself into that later.


Outside I admire the new paving surface.


See how nice it is.


At Walsall I o and get a new train pass. Apparently I did well not to go to work on Wednesday as the train only turned up with two carriages and the train before it, didn’t run!


At dinner time I console myself in the canteen, trying to ignore the fridge noise that fills my head up so very much. I turns out to be a huge breakfast come lunch.


I leave work to head south into Birmingham. But where are all the trains south?


Eventually one comes and I am warm again.


From the railway station I head on foot to Broad Street missing out where the German market is. Just as I think I’ll be on my way to Paradise


I find this! I remember the app I have on my phone and locate another bus stop. It is only a short distance down the round.


And then a few minutes later I’m on the top deck of a very crowded and humid bus.


I walk from the bus stop towards my destination. Oh wow where has the art shop gone?


Onwards I find the Poade home. With pizza waiting me and kids smiling happily. Paode gets ready and we are out the door. Now I wasn’t looking forward to going around the pubs of Harborne because of the noise. But in fact Poade didn’t want to go to these. So our first stop was the black and white Swan. A walk and a bit, which was followed by another walk and a bit to


The High Field.


Complete with pigs and


The outdoor bar area called The Yard.


I was even mad enough to take my ski jacket off!


As we left here I steal some ideas for my own home


And arrive at a pub Poade hasn’t been to before.


because unaware to us the pubs opening night is tonight! We still weren’t aware when we left either. Inside here was noisy and we went out to the incredibly fresh and new looking outdoor area. No we still had not twigged.


Some more walking took us past more rain deer and in fact tonight I have seen more deer in Birmingham than in Cannock Chase.


We stop for another pint where we discuss the age of the roof beams and weather any of it is original. I said it wasn’t Poade said it was.


What I do know is that you should not be seduced by a beer with a dressed up hand pull, flashing lights and a gimmicky head on top. Poade was. Well it was his birthday.


Next we head a very long walk and I mean long walk to the Kings head. Poade arrived at the door first, and when I turned up, he had been refused entry. This I did not know and I just said to the doorman I’m with him. And with that I got that's alright then but I must ask the manager first if he can come in with you. Next another doorman came up to us and asked if we were alright. We are awaiting to see if we can come in. He looked at us and said yeah no problem. We were at the bar quick while watching the first doorman looking confused. I can remember a few things about this pub. Poade was wearing trainer, the view was very good that we were both looking at, in fact the view could have been classed as perfect. The tiles upstairs were old and genuine unlike the roof beams of the last place.


And the gents reminded me of being in some kind of sci fi film!


It was a long walk home. No curry, no kebab, just a lot of walking, I mean a lot of walking.


But I made it.


I had to, to make it to this bed!


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