Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Leeks


From inside, Sunday looked like a glorious day outside.


At some point we venture out in my brothers car, to the local Morrison's.


We do a bit of shopping there, and I get very distracted by one freezer section in particular. I do however resist. Although I wish I hadn’t.


Back at the house and inside, we are retro gaming again. This time with an Atari ST and the classic Stunt Car Racer. If only they did a redo version of this for the PS3 online. It would be so awesome.


For tea I decide to do a leek and chicken pie. Once I get the pastry to stretch enough, I ponder how long I should actually cook it for.


It starts to brown on top and well


That must be enough, it looks cooked


And piping hot. And there is actually too much pie for two. IMG_20161023_173728

Now I pondered why my dad left his car around my house. I thought it might have been in case my granddad got ill and desperately needed help. But what it actually was, was there coach holiday dropped them off just down the road in Cannock. Now it all made sense. It was nice to have them back in the vicinity though.


When I’m back in the house I burn another disc for the Sega Dreamcast and sit back and enjoy.


Its virtual Rally 2 and its quit amazing. I never liked the series on the PS2.


But here it really works well.


And then I put on the PS3. Just as it is collecting dust, on the Playstation network they are giving away a game called Dust. And wow its a Populas style game and pretty dame good it is too.


And with that I go to bed thinking, what am I going to do with the rest of this leek?

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