Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Secrets Hidden Under a Bath


Saturday is spent doing DIY with my dad. We mount the new towel rail. The plumbing we will do tomorrow.


It might be taller than I expected really.


I kid you not!


And while we are at it, I take a look under the bath tub. What is going on over there?


There’s a whole in the floor and a big spider. Yikes!


Very interesting, the secrets of hidden under a bath tube.


What a nice bit of plumbing?


And with that I tidy up in the bathroom and then


I spend a long time clearing aware the nastorushions. There was so many, I filled the compost bin. I filled the brown bin, and then I filled 4 bin bags full. I even got the rake out and raked the leaves from the lawn. And with that. I made my tea and went to bed, as this made me really really tired.


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