Friday, November 18, 2016

Unknown Name


I pack my bag and get ready to leave. I’ve packed light but I have all the essentials, like swimming trunks and Hey There My Fish. Well you never know.


I manage to get to the station early. I get a prime seat for having a case with me. It means leaving those I talk to though.


And I may well look tired this morning as the last two nights I’ve only had 4 hours sleep each night from the tinnitus noise in my head keeping me awake.


After a hard day at work its time to head into Birmingham and to Grand Central, er I mean New Street Station.


I’ve got plenty of time.


And with that I head out of the station and to the Sainsbury's local, avoiding the German ahem Market area.


As I sit back at the station I notice my cold getting worse. I sit back and relax trying not to relax too much.


According to this I can get platform 6 to home or to Scotland.


I head down to the platforms.


I choose Scotland.


I find my seat. Unlike all the others it is marked reversed – unknown name.


I get comfy, there is something about train travel I enjoy.


its dark outside, and it feels like 30 deg C in this carriage.


It is highly noticeable that my cold is getting much worse. Where is all this snot coming from!


After what seams forever, I’m trying to stay awake, we near Kendal. Wow these new trains really fly in the dark.


I stare at the scenery.


I munch away as much as I can munch away.


And at Carlisle I’m asked if I’m on time? Yep on time. So if I was on time, I was asked why I didn’t get off the train. I look around and reply because it is still moving, even though they have announced several times we are arriving at the station. oh we have just crossed the river.


I get off to this chilly new world, to meet two people I’ve not seen for a long while, waiting patiently for me. Unfortunately I’m all too aware that on the 4 hour journey I’ve become rather snotty ill. I smile and forewarn them, I’m still made welcome though, although all I want to do is go to bed straight away!


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
contains information that is non-accurate, made up and in some cases just down right lies. Anything in this blogg may be based on true fiction but to help dramatise it, some items may have been embellished. Some names are made up, others are not and any that are familar to yours just are.





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