Sunday, November 20, 2016

Wherever we are we are here


I’m still waiting to see the real sunshine up here. Although the real sunshine is from the smiles of the people I’m with. I have another lie in. And once up and eaten pancakes we are all going out.


When I say its cold up here I mean its


cold up here.


As I say its lucky I packed my trunks and googles. For we head to the Magnum center in Irvine. I love water and


for that this place is great. Although we find out that in two weeks time this place is closing its doors for good. We head to the slides, where Maisie does her first slides, and I have as much fun as her. In fact you can’t get us off them! However mom says I have to leave the pool area, which sucks.


After the pool I’m taken to the beach.


The sea is in and the beach is littered with beer cans. Lots and lots and lots of beer cans.


All different varieties. And some ones I haven't seen for a long time!


I don’t think this is going to be a Blue flag beach somehow. And so the search goes on


We find me a beach rock to take And with that we all go to Burger King, where I have a Cheddar Whopper. And you know what? It was Orange! Not a nice looking orange either. Yes really orange. And with that we went home, and relaxed on the sofa with some benalyn, tissues. You may notice here the lack of photos. Well that because although I brought my phone charger, I didn’t bring the lead, so I had to rely on someone else's. That was of course when I wasn’t asleep. Ah this dam cold what must they think!!!!!!!


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