Thursday, December 01, 2016

A Glimmer of Hope


Its cold out there. There’s a frost outside.


I go to the pharmacy to get my pills and try some of the broncho stop that's being advertised on TV. Wow it works but it doesn’t taste as nice as Buttercup Syrup. I love Buttercup syrup.


After that I head to hearing clinic and have a consultation with the audiologist. He gives me a glimmer of hope. Although warns me he is not expecting to give me my hearing back. He is going to try a very powerful hearing aid for my broken ear, although the idea is to give me some sound on that side if possible and not returning the hearing. It may not work, but just the thought of now trying it made me want to cry there and then. He took a mould of the inside of my ear and while it set, he said he’d look into getting me some counselling for managing the tinnitus as its causing such a pain in the arse issues. Just the thought of trying has made me so happy……


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