Sunday, December 25, 2016

A Partridge In A Swear Tree


First up is my mom. And she is eager to get everyone else up. It looks like Santa has been to Ikea.


Yes hello mom, I’ll get up.


And so I unwrap my gifts.


erm perfect for the retro room.


Perfect for my belly, no not the board game.


And perfect for my mind.


There are some Christmas cards you shouldn’t put up. And when I looked at it, I didn’t see the title below, I just saw a few swear words in the tree and thought “did they realise when they printed these?” As it happens they obviously did. Although I’m not sure why a partridge would be in a swear tree. That is somewhat beyond my mind.


A place things to my side and get on up.


For today is Christmas day.


And with these kind of thoughts I think about somewhere to go to eat on New Years Day. Only one place comes to mind. Only Google doesn’t seem to know where it is!


There is tea, there is cake, there is turkey, there is sprouts.


And there is Carry on in the Jungle, Carry on Camping, and Carry on Cowboy, and of course there is family.


And then there is the news of the passing of George Michael,. Shocking. Aged only 53.

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