Saturday, December 03, 2016

His and Hers


I’m looking at the parcel that wouldn’t fit through the letter box. But what is it I wonder. What was it I ordered.


What I was waiting for was this though. In here is my new wireless self powered door bell pusher and two mains powered bells.


I didn’t get time to fit it though, my parents came round to see me and go shopping at


Dunelm. Yep soft furnishing and all that.


I’m looking for a rug for the front room that will match the curtains. How sad have I become!


My dad disappears for a while and me and my mom go shopping in the centre of Cannock. And when I say go shopping, I mean take time for munch. We go in a shop to get a present for tomorrow. Something engraved and as we look though the things my mom says she like something. I look at her and tell her she nearly had those for Christmas last year. Only when I returned to buy them, they had been sold, the only ones they had at the time. So a mental note it made, we get the present, we get it engraved and head out.


Sometime latter after I’ve got my groceries and we have caught the bus back I put up the door bell push. ITs quite a big round thing,


and having pressed it, it is better to press the centre of the unit and not the bell symbol.


Next I find the time to put up some Christmas lights outside. A bit early for me, but this will make me cheery.


And talking of cheery, I do go to the wedding do at the Mount in Tettenhall.


And I do remember the place, this is where Borny got married too. They have changed it a bit since.


And a jolly good do it is too. To see even more faces I have not seen for so long, to discuss my situation with Gavs wife, who's and audiologist who concluded I was screwed, to see Robbie doing what he does best with a man from Thailand, and to see Alan Dutton whom the last time I’d seen him was in B&Q when we were both looking at wood and he was telling me he was off to live in Penn, but actually to all fell through and he hasn’t gone anywhere. A meet Dean’s new girlfriend who had to tell me her name about 6 times, Helen, if I remember and how Dean used a photo from about ten years ago on Tinder, what a nice surprise there.


And while Sprog was looking into the eyes of his loved one, I was arranging to exercise my legs until they would drop off with a man who was slurring his words slightly.


I wish Nicola and Richard a warm and joyful life together.


And wow when I get home I’m greeted by Christmasnessssssssss.


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