Thursday, December 15, 2016

Lazy Sue


Today I have had a day off work. I’ve done nothing. I go and get my MX5 from my parents house. The first time I use it since June! And well the brakes are stuck on. I make it to the Poades where I get to play with the kids and talk to the parents. It is nice to be here but all to quick it is time to leave.


For I have agreed to take my mom out for Chinese. And while there are loads of Chinese Take aways, there are very few eat inns. Even fewer with good Google reviews.


In the end we eat here. In Stafford.


I’ve never been, so this will be a surprise. There is some confusion with what my parents will eat. But in the end I get us all to agree to menu C.


The food comes and lazy sue is spun around


many times.


All seams fine.


But then again I used the chop sticks!


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