Friday, December 09, 2016

oh dear



At work myself and Louis go for a walk. And I suggest the pub that neither of us have ever been to. The Mitre, now from the outside it was hard to see if it was open or not. But looking through the window was a girl looking through the window, at me. So we went back around and in the door. It was well a Tardis. Along with the odd collection of memorabilia.


As customers we were now the only two. Did they do food. No but they would cook me a chicken slice. Which wasn’t, which they did explain and was in fact a steak slice. Like a Greggs one. And that was a quid. For me I had a cup of tea. That was 50p! Louis had a pint of Carling! eck but he likes it so that's okay.


If anything it is warm and yes I’d return. It even has a beer garden, a pool table and two dart boards. I imagine on match days it is rammed. Its not the kind of place to bring your girlfriend.


Its been a while since I’ve given the cactus some love at work. I over water it and get rid of all the dead weeds. Its looking fine again after a drink.


Later on the train home, I was reminded that this time last year I mistakenly painted my front room London Midland Green. One ponders what was thought when one looked in the mirror.


And talking of Green I popped into B&H home bargains, to see what their rug sizes, price and quality was like.


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