Friday, December 16, 2016

Pong Ping


I wake up and jump in my MX5. I take the hood down and head south


To the dentist. I park in the car park and run north to a cash machine and then back to the dentist where when I go to reception I notice a card machine. Ah she says “we have all the mod cons now”. And so after a chit chat with reception, I get to lie back and open wide.


A while later I’m round my parents, topless in the love machine smiling.




My teeth are okay.


Like the parents the cat isn’t up either.


Although she notices my prescience and rolls over to me.


I give her some fuss. She loves it.


Eventually they come down, I sort my dads Christmas gift out and head to my house.


I pack my bags, being able to take as much as I like this time.


And on a whim, I pack this too, you never know, but if I don’t take it….


I slowly make my way up the back way. When I get there, there is no one in. I expected Zoe to be in but she is not. I unload my gear and realise


that I’m hungry. and that I’ve forgotten my pills. Hell what do you do?


I go to the bakers, get two sausage rolls, and have a chat with the lady there. She tells me where the nearest pharmacy is and I wish her a better Christmas this year. She reassures me it won’t be. And head next door. In the pharmacy I explain that I forgot my pills and after a short while and a phone call I have enough for the next few days. I go to the pub and take one with a pint.


After a while I return to the house, no one there, but now my bed is made. I collect my phone which I had left charging here and head back to the pub and get one in for Alan. Zoe is going to be a while.


She does turn up, and with Alan’s new haircut we head to


Foodie Friday, to hang out with friends, have a beer, have the worlds best burger and to enjoy the atmosphere.


At some point we get on a train and head into Manchester.


Being served beer just isn’t enough. In fact we are now in


a brewery, celebrating two years


of brewing fine ale. And while Zoe danced the night away


Alan and Nack played Pong Ping. No bats you see.


At some point we leave. There are no trains so we


walk to find a bus stop for the 192. Where I sit next to someone with half and ear……..


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
contains information that is non-accurate, made up and in some cases just down right lies. Anything in this blogg may be based on true fiction but to help dramatise it, some items may have been embellished. Some names are made up, others are not and any that are familar to yours just are.





 Near The End Of The Rainbow

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