Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Someone Is Going To Have To Explain This


How did your morning start? I’m started with a bacon sandwich, followed by some hand action.


My brother came round and we booted up the sega dreamcast.


I slipped in disc one of three and this message came up.


Followed by a message that I needed 80 memory blocks!


Once the memory block situation was sorted the title screen came on. And yes this is supposed to be one of the best adventure games ever.


As in ever!


And so we get playing. What the hell are the controls?


ooooh, the graphics are ohhhh but then it is in VGA mode.


A while later we walk the streets until we stumble on this.


We decide to go in.


I pay the £6 each and


find somewhere on the right hand side to sit.


As you can see my brother is most excited about the whole thing.


There’s not many films I’d say this about. But I could have fallen asleep. Yep you read that right. A story that whimsly starts. Has no body and ends like you expect. Its odd. I expected, I expected, I’m not sure what I expected but this wasn’t it, in body and motion, and emotion.


At some point someone is going to notice. And someone is going to have to explain…..


I’m glad to leave. The ending was good. But that's because it lead to hope.


I suggest we get some tea. And head to the the Smoke House.


I have no idea what to expect, but dinner is on the blackboard and we are sat at garden furniture that has been stained as dark wood.


Believe it or not I wanted a cup of tea. But here they do not do hot drinks! I have a milkshake instead.


It arrives. But not everything is quiet how I expected it.


There’s a biscuit in there. Can someone explain this? Is it going to dissolve?


Dinner turns up, and myself and my brother have gone fo simple burgers. Which comes with slaw as in coleslaw and also fries.


My brother has gone for Burger and brisket. I have gone for burger, with burger and a whole load of cheese, a couple of onion rings and some buger sauce. To you and me, a mega burger. Now its a shame about the cheese. The burgers though are real nice. And so are the real onion rings. Ohhh yeah. And to be frank after this burger I was full. Very full.


I look around and see that most of the meals come on tin plates. and with that we pay up.


So can this girl explain how the new message on some sort of “large” hardrive.


Suddenly becomes a floppy credit card in the New Hope Film? Someone is going to have to explain this.


While no one needs to explain the love between two people can create and end everything. That needs no explanation. RIP Carrier Fisher Mother.


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