Sunday, December 18, 2016

Something Special


Sunday I get up and enjoy the morning on my own. Alan and Zoe are asleep still. Very asleep. As I look out of the window I think….


I wish I’d thought of doing this. It would have made Alan proud.


I didn’t do this either. We consider the options, once they are up. We sit comfy on the sofa. For a while.


They agree to come and be bored for an hour with hangovers, somewhere chilly, somewhere nice. And Alan loves my board after all. They have never been. So here we are!


I’m excited, I’m nervous, as we head on up the hill.


I strap my boot in and


look on down the hill. Here we go then…..


Its amazing. Truly wonderful. Being regular and not goofy, my good ear is at the front. And I whizz down, the cool crisp air moving across my face. I love it, it is still as wonderful, so very very wonderful.


Up and down I whizz, and whizz and whizz, smiling as I do so


However my unfitness gets the better of me.


And I call it quits before my hour is up. Mind I got more ups and downs than normal as it was quiet.


I find them here enjoying the view. If only they new how wonderful the views are from the top of a white mountain on a sunny day. The air so crisp, so dry. The lungs full of energy and life. To breath it in, to smile, to be happy at the top of the world.


Back at home the good doctor makes arrangements for dinner.


For once Mat isn’t in the pizza shop, and my a 12” is going to be £4.50! I’m going to have an Hawaiian, but at the last minute I don't. Then we collect Zoe’s Chinese from next door. The young lad there gives us a special message to forward to Zoe.


Alan decides to cook for himself. A mixture of hangover and Nack portions are produced, while we snuggle on the sofa and watch Spider-Man on ITV2. Time is moving on though and I pack and leave.


Hell they closed the motorway. I’m here for an age, in darkness in nowhere. Now I wish I’d accepted that offer for a cup of tea. I should never have dashed off so.


Or even by the time I am back home, the offer of a bed for another night Alan had kindly offered.


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