Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Search For Socks


I sit and stare upwards, looking at something hanging there on the wall. Not the tinsel. Not the wall paper. Not the coving. Then I look at my T-shirt and then I


look at lot closer. It is. It is its a black cover with a red rose on it, just like the T-shirt I’m wearing. This is one cool picture. Not only that but it also has the Inxs Kick album painted on it too.


Over breakfast Alan asks “what's this for then Nack?”. I did consider bringing the lolipop board but as it was a last minute thing, there wasn’t time to swap the bindings over. So this is my Atomic Trophy Alibi, with the K2 cinch bindings. I can see he’s not that interested. He lifts it and finds it is heavy.


I show him the 3 games I have brought along should we have time to play.


And then I stare at the lava lamps in the hope they will turn into goats. Alan makes a suggestion.


And so we catch a train, to go to a fire station to hang out at an ice rink.


Wow, what a venue.


And so nicely put together. I like it here. This should be a permanent thing.


I post my wish to Santa in the special Santa mail box.


I go to cash converters, Alan goes to Oxfam. And then we both go to Afflecks. We wander the shops, looking in and out as we climb higher and higher. At the top in the retro game room I see Shemmua 1 and 2 for the Sega dreamcast, but at that price they are just dreaming. Alan takes me all the way back down, via the sweet store and finally out of the door and up the road to Travelling Man. Here he passes me to Rosie to look after “the kid”. Am I supposed to be naughty then? Rosie though has a special assignment for us. We walk once more the Afflecks store looking for fluorescent socks, me having thought I’d seen some in here. Search the store from top to bottom though, it appears I’d been dreaming once more.


Then we went to Debenhams, which she loved, then we went to Primark, which she loved even more, and then we went to see the beautiful lights in the Arndale Center. Or as she called it the Devils lair full of random Zombies. Although I know in truth she loved it here too.


One minute I was talking with her, the next to a shop assistant, and then the next she was gone! I quickly relocate her and bring her back.


For the search for socks was hopefully over.


We walked to the pub to meet some of her friends, had a pint and it was already time to see the grand show. And so we made out way to the theatre.


With front seats the show was about to start.


It brought a smile to my face, laughter, smirkingness, and light-heartedness,


mustered by the evil of one King Rat.


The show finished and we hung on for Brendon to degreen his face and be ready for a drink in the pub. It was nice to surprise him, it was nice to be able to show support for him, and it was dam good to get the opportunity to see his fine evil character acting.


Rosie ensures I get to the station and I find a train that is going to Stockport. If only the doors would open. I ask for confirmation and I’m reassured this is the train going to Stockport.


When I reach Stockport I look at my watch. I ponder, I ponder, could I? I would I…. That's it, I head towards the lap dancing club.


I ask if they are still serving and I’m invited in. I order a cobra, some poppadum's and


I ask politely it they would serve my meal in a Balti dish. It is noted down with a smile and when it comes it arrives as requested.


There’s a lot of mirrors in this place. Now where is Matt when you need him?


I settle up just like you do in one of these establishments.


And head home to bed. The house is eerily quiet without Alan and Zoe being around. I snuggle up and the lights go out. Its been such a wonderful day.

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