Friday, December 23, 2016

The Spirit Lives On


When I get to the station this morning I find the train cancelled. Will we be getting a new survey today? I tweet to London Midland “All I want for Christmas….. is a train to work….. “ They apologies and then watch a train pass through without stopping. I tweet some more…..


When a train does come, I’m lucky, lucky that the second train that is delayed, pulls into the station and stalls. They get it going, but then every station it pulls up at the engine is highly revved. Will it make it? We get to Walsall and as I look across the platforms through the window, there is a connecting train still in platform 3. I quickly cross. At least this one is empty and well relaxing.


At home time I put a shirt on, a hat and say hello to the world.


We head to the Villa Tavern, a pub I had not been to for well, 10 years, maybe longer!


The Carling comes with head.


We move to town and have a couple in the Shakespeare. And then we move to meet some others…


Through the empty German Market, past the big, big, bright wheel.


and into Lloyds bar, where we drink, we drink and we drink.


followed by a snack in the homemade burger bar. Here the group splits.


Another beer and then


A train journey home. As I walk through the town center, I realise I’ve had no tea. And so go and get Kebab and chips. I consider a pint. But then realise. I’ve had more than enough, and so I go home


and dream of something really special.

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