Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wam Bam Alakzam


So my lava lamp has stopped working. erm. Hope its the bulb. It doesn’t look it looking at the filament.


It’s not the only thing not working. My Pixstar photo frame will not start up either.


It does the boot screen but nothing else. I contact Pixstar by email for some ideas on how to get it to restart. And you know what. They promptly reply. However when it comes to it they say its 3 years old and therefore can’t help any further. Bollox. I love my pixstar, and having just brought a new mobile can’t afford another.


Then my mobile informs me that it wants to do a big install update. Is this the last update then from Cyanogen?


I play Dirt on the Ps4 for too long, then decide to get off my butt and have a walk into town. I go to the bank, I got to the grocers and get some banana's and a lettuce. Which leads me to Wilko’s, where I get a china to uk power adapter plug and bulb. Then I go and get my hair cut.


As I wander along the road, thinking I’ve nothing to do, I check out a web site. It says there’s no seats left.


But as I’m passing I look into the booking office. ooh its open. I go in and speak to the girl behind the counter. She can do some tickets for 2pm tomorrow if I want. It’s the last showing and she’ll be glad when its over. So many people have lost their tickets, come on the wrong day, come for the show time. She smiles. It was fun at first though.


I go to the post box and post the Love Film DVD I’d forgotten to post in the three post boxes I’d already past which brought me into the center of town and thinking what now? Where now? What should I do? A pint? Nope I wonder if the Loft is open. And up the stairs it is. It is empty though apart from the two running it.


I order and they’ll bring it over. mean while I get the original bulb out.


Will this be exciting then?


The tea arrives.


how dinky


how nice.


So somewhere new to review Smile. If only I was hungry.


Back at home I’ve done something odd. I’ve lobbed some washing in the washing machine. Not that is odd. Nope I went through my ties and got rid of some, well a few, well not many. And then there was some that needed cleaning. And its hard to clean ties. I put them in a bag and lobbed them in to. Anyway what was odd was


getting my sleak peak smooth player iron out.


I did a shirt or two and then tried my best to fix the ties that had come out wet, and out of the bag. One though had lost its colour in the wash. Hence another to say goodbye to.


Hopefully though these will now dry flat and clean.


Yep it was just the bulb.


And as for the Pixstar picture frame, well I took it apart in th hope to find something inside.


So many bits but look there it is.


The internal battery. Now look at that. Its actually been soldered to the metal clips. I break the one end in the hope it will loose all its settings. Well its better trying than putting it in the bin.


And with that thought. I enjoy the rug.

Then I dreamed something nice.


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