Saturday, December 10, 2016

Will he turn up in Lycra I wonder?


I open the curtains and I’m welcomed to the morning by the two potted plants still being in full bloom.


The weather outside looks perfect for the plan of the day.


I feul myself up and bit into a delicious sandwich.


I get the bke rack out and on the car. I get the bike out on put it on the bike rack. Then I get a phone call.


Paul is going to be 30 minutes late. I have the perfect time filler. I get the bleach and pur it over the paving slabs that make my drive. I get the broom out and get to work on the green dirtiness that has stuck all over it.


I wasn’t working it that hard, and the broom handle just snapped. There and then with any effort. Well now I’m lucky. I have two broom handles, just half the length of a normal one. I get on with the job.


So I’m ready to set off. As I look off my drive way ahead of me, I always ponder if there is anything in that luggage case. Its been there a long long while now.


At the other end I set my bike up and await Paul. Will he turn up in Lycra I wonder?


We hit the course around Cannock Chase starting half way round, which means a steep long climb followed by a steady climb.This killed me from the beginning. For me this is all wrong, I need exercise then harder exercise. It is so embarrassing. I never recover from it and I know its also down to my excessive weight and lack of exercise at the moment.


The air is good, my lungs feel good, my legs not so, but the view is delightful of the trees. So many trees.


Half way we stop and have a drink. Paul is going on about doing the end part of the Dog. I’m not sure at this point.


At this point though I’m at the top of that dog.


And infront of me is the Pye Green Tower. Well slightly to the left of me. It is all down hill from here and quick too.




Awesome Paul.


And with that I put the bike on the back of the car. Change my clothing so I don’t mark the champagne colour inside.


Back at home, I get the bike off the car, the bike rack off the car, wash the bike, wash the car and then I wash me and my clothes. I relax on the sofa and watch the lights flicker on the front bush before my parents turn up.


I get to drive my dads car to Ikea. I probably should have mentioned to Sara I was coming here.


WE have some dinner. Me I have


Brie and mushroom Wellington. And it is nice. I also have Die bar cake, before we go down into the shop itself.


I get my parents to drop me off in Cannock, where I do my weekly shop and then catch the bus back. How the weather has changed. But this will wash my drive off and rinse my car.


And with those weary legs I hop into the loft. It is a long time since I’d been in there. I get the Crhistmas tree down and the decorations and get busy making it feel Christmassy.


Out comes the glittery tree and the fairy I got last year for the tree.


Yeah it is nice


I’m not sure what to say about the fairy. But I’m not putting her on the tree. She can go here.


This is more like it. It makes me smile inside happily.


Just like the fairy.


And with that I can feel my achy body suggesting I should relax it in bed. And so I go as beckoned.


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