Monday, December 26, 2016

You Asked The Wrong Question


I wake up early. Today is boxing day. And how am I going to fill that box?


By staring at the Christmas tree, with its glittery lights and ball balls.


Okay so I may have been on Ebay. Nice if the car is in good nick. Thing to remember here is the has only done 47000 miles in 21 years. But things still age. So if the body is great, the rest of the car needs a very good look at. Things like the radiator, the rubber bushes, condition of the brakes, the electric windows, etc. But if its genuine, then that's great.


I munch


Then I change my mind.


I head home with a big roll. I mean a big roll. I get it out of the car and into the living room. I pondering if it will fit. I’m pondering and now moving the furniture. So this is how the room looked.


And now this is how the room looks.


The size is perfect. After looking at so many rugs, the Ikea one was perfect.


Lovely soft carpet area where your feet won’t be cold and we still have some wood floor to boot. I feel like sitting on the floor now.


And with that I go and plant another 100 tulip bulbs here


and here. Lets hope these do better than the Daffs last year.


I clean myself up and head around the Greenies.


yep that is how I feel.


Only my belly still feels full!


Sara becomes the quiz mistress, and Nack for some reason knows most of the answers. The line Nack will you shut up becomes a regular occurrence, although at quizzes this never truly happens.


That was the wrong question of course though.


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