Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sky Force


If yesterday was relaxing. Today is going to be more so.


It is good to have someone to cook for. I mix up some eggs.


And cook up some meat.


And there you go.


He looks really happy about it.


I put a game on the PS4, that I had downloaded. A simple but effective game.


Called Sky Force, at present free on playstation plus.


Somehow we get lost in trying to win.


We play over and over.


Eventually though I want a rest from it. I head to the retro room and rig things so that I can have one of the PS2 FAT’s in here. A lot of cable pulling later and they are all repositioned.


I get the washing in from the garden. The windy wind has made it all very dry, and yet by the pool


A plant is still flowering.


And with that I head around my parents.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Simply Saturday


The grass needs cutting again. For me that's exciting and immediately get out the lawn mower.


A while later the garden looks well trimmed. The high winds though have killed the fence panel that was already dying.


In the seating away we have colour still.


I redig the soil under the bench so that the bench is level.


So much better. Then I suddenly remember the date. I look at my watch and go and get my coat.


I walk into town the breezy way. I doubt there is any other way. I get my glasses and they ask if they are okay. Nope there is something very weird going on. The frames are bent and then they retry them on me. Ah that is better.


And with that I go to the market, which is very quiet. I haven't been in it for a while and there are loads of empty stalls. I go to the green grocers and spend a tenner and then to Iceland to get some Thailand chicken, and toilet rolls.


A while later with heavy bags I admire my old glasses with the new glass.


I await the bus, ah here it is.


At home I swap the glasses back around.


Empty the bags, and fill the fridge.


And settle in for the afternoon watching Doc Martin.


Outside the wind is blowing. And it keeps blowing until my brother turns up.


For tea tonight we are going to the Sanam.


A quick trip to the supermarket next door first and we go to be tabled.


Tonight it is busy in here.


The starters come.


and we are happy.


The mains come.


And we are happier still.


Well there is no hurry to eat this.


In fact though, there is way too much food for me for a change. I can’t it eat it all. However my brother finishes his.


We get the bill.


Now it is so quiet here, so very quiet.


And it is time for us to go too.


We head down the street, in the cold wind,


to the warmth of my home.


Tonight though I go to bed at the right time.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Section Five


I haven't been out with work since early May. My Friend Bernie was leaving and that would be one of the original drinking crew gone. As it happens tonight, I could be elsewhere, but as this is the last time I will see Bernie unless I’m lucky, I took the moment to unwind after work with the presence of others. The way things are going at work this could be the last leaving do, perhaps the next will be a mass exodus when we are all asked to leave? Maybe but no one really knows. No one will really ever know to it happens. I knew I was going to need to be careful, but at the first pub, that thought disappeared. We got a taxi to the centre of Brum, which never got to the centre of Brum. It just got stuck in traffic, for ages. Luckily this taxi’s meter was by the mile. Unluckily was the fact that my bladder wasn’t going to last any longer. And besides, if we got out here I knew the way to the Shakespeare. In the end I gave the driver the money for the journey and told the others if they were not coming I was leaving the taxi right now to relieve myself. I got out of the taxi, and found a big bin and stood behind it. Man was my bladder full. This was no small river. Then in all the darkness of the area I’d chosen, why did a couple have to walk virtually right up to me, before deciding to go around the bin and thus me. There must have been a huge pool of liquid by then. And huge smile on my face from the relief of getting out of the taxi and unlocking the valve. We had a couple in the Shakespeare and then over to the Chocadeara. I had Longhorn in the Shakespeare and UBU in the Chocadeara. So you can imagine I was in no rush to leave.


However 10pm came and it was time to leave to catch the twenty past train. although the train isn’t at twenty past as I walk and look at which platform it is going to be at on my phone. Agggghh its a fifth teen minutes past train hell, as I grad my tickets out of the machine, look for platform 10a, where is it in this dam modern building, why are the signs so pants, as I go down the escalators, I look at my watch, 30 seconds to go, dam it they’ll be closing the doors. At the bottom I look for the train, has it gone? Nope there it is at the far end of the platform, Look there’s a woman getting on with a pram, I might just make it because of her…. and I did. I wander down the aisle looking for a seat that isn’t next to any rif raff. My choice is very limited. In fact it’s near on a no choice. I ask two ladies if they would mind me sitting at their table seat with them, and they say its fine. I’m quiet for a while, but for the rest of the journey we talk, we converse for the whole journey. I don’t know them, and they don’t know me. But that doesn’t matter, we are strangers to each other, but strangers that are friendly. They have been to the ballet. A naked ballet. Erm.

I make it home, and cook two beef burgers and then oddly find myself asleep on the sofa at 1am. I go to bed.

Thursday, October 19, 2017



This morning I had an hearing aid appointment to collect my new hearing aid. In fact I had an appointment last week. I was so glad to get it as my tinnitus was really doing my head in the last couple of days, giving me a right head ache from not being able to get away from it.


So this is it, a different ear mould and a different colour. For the geeks of you it is wireless too, unlike my other one.


I even had five minutes to go to the Compton hospice shop before my lift to work. I used it wisely and got myself a tie. Man the relief from the tinnitus with the hearing aid in was so nice.


At home that night I sat back, slipped in Series four of Doc Martin and wondered for a while, what has happened to Louisa. But when she returned she was bigger than ever.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

White Marks


The day starts slowly and stays slowly. I relax in the relaxing chair and put on Doc Martin.


Series one ends!


And series two begins.


Eventually I got out of the relaxing chair, look at the four plants that came from QVC and realise I should go outside and plant them.


This leads to a serious amount of weeding.


Really a serious amount of weeding yet again.


But it all looks more like in control.


And neater.


And now there is somewhere to plant those plants.


Lets hope they survive the winter, the instructions said plant now.


See the flowers in February through to May!


That will have to be seen to be believed.


Around my parents later I redo the lettering on my car and then do my brothers. He won’t have wanted me to have have done his.


But I knew they would look great. And they do. Only I only had time to do three of the four wheels before it got too dark. I know that will have pleased him too.


I have some dinner with the family before


heading back to the cosy place.


And watching some more Doc Martin…


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