Sunday, January 01, 2017

And The Lights Turned On


This isn’t how today was meant to be. This is not how the day is meant to be. Most days I’m not normally here. I usually somewhere else. And I have arranged to not to be here. But here I am, and looking out of the window it looks like this is where I’m going to stay. As it happens this gives me time to turn the lights on, in Nuka Cola World that is. And with that done I call Les to see that where ever we are meant to be, weather instead he wants to be here, and if things improve to else where tomorrow instead.


And so we all settle down and watch the one film that is always a good watch a Christmas.


A film of new hope, fantasy and desire.


And then we watch the second film, of travel, exploration


facing those you wish to battle.


To win, to loose, to learn.


And yep we even watched the third film.


All about scantly dressed women and droids. I think we have come back to fantasy again.


I contact the insurance company about my snowboarding policy and my medical condition. They are still happy to cover me with running off with all my money. So sod it, I book a holiday. I should hopefully be even more better by then. I need to drive a lot more. And So day one wasn’t what I expected.


What will day two be like?

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