Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Mr Tickle Give Me a Hug


Sometimes you never know where your going to end up. Here I am in a Tesco's. Looking for a new bag. I didn’t expect to be here. But suddenly there was a need. I was on the outskirts of Chester when it happened. My Cafe Press messenger bag just suddenly gave up, totally.


Really I wanted an Argos. But there wasn’t one at this retail park, but there was a Tesco extra. Extra yes, but in baggage not. I found the baggage area, and then I found the PC bag area. There were two. A fashionable option, nice and a practical option, practical. Neither as good as the Cafe Press one. As it goes I went for the practical one. There being only one meant I was going to take that one. That one missing any kind of identification or price tag. Luckily there was a shelf tag for it. I take a photo and head towards a pay desk in the clothing department. I’d like to buy this, but there’s no price tag on it. Can I buy it? Where did you get it I was asked, I’ll get another with a price tag on it. That will be hard there was only this one. But i took a photo of the shelf sticker. Ohhh wow that is great. And hence I end up with a new bag.


I follow the M56 east for some time, crossing the M6. When I get there I’m in for a treat. Mr Tickle is free and I get a hug. It is great. Zoe welcomes me with a smile and asks if I would like to stay for tea.


Sex in the City is on, I think, but not for long. Zoe puts on Drakes fortune and I start playing the story, I’m hooked. Alan comes home and shows me his new dish washer, and its trick of the cutlery tray going left and right, Just in case….. He doesn’t seem to leave the dishwasher area apart from when he is eating with us. I ponder if Zoe truly has him that well trained?


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