Friday, January 06, 2017

Technology Melt Down.


So I settle down on the rug and write my blog. What a way to spend Friday night. But the budget for this month says stay in. I finish power off and close the lid. I then remember I need to book a couple of hotels. So I power her back up.


This message doesn't look good.


I call my brother and yes it would appear the SSD has died. You remember in this old girl I put one of those SSD drives in to help extend the battery. Well here you go the scandisk unit has died. No warning, just died. Now the old magnetic ones you nearly always get a clicking sound before they die, so you know to back the thing up. But here with stat of the art technology, we are screwed.


I look at that bank balance again. Discuss it with my brother and decide to upgrade the PS4 to 1TB and use the drive in that for my laptop. So I order and old fashioned but very stable old type of hard drive. And they are a good price for the capacity. Still got to reinstall all that software though on the old girl. Technology wise, I’m not have a good start to the year. I miss my Pixstar.


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