Monday, December 16, 2002

So I’ve recovered from that cold flu thing although I did venture to work most days anyway. Started taking Beechem’s All In One, which actually made me feel quite giddy and high while taking it. In fact two bottles latter and would readily have more!
Since I last blogged I have seen the new bond film. Okay dokey, just what I expected but there is one point which is just isn’t well done at all. A surfing bit and I’m not talking about the bit at the beginning of the film! So I’ve had another long weekend but have achieved very little. I’ve updated the subcrawl web page dramatically and also did plenty of work on the but there still some to do on that! Most come up with our own logo.
My works Christmas do is this Saturday coming. It’s being held at the Aston Villa footie ground, which doesn’t bother me at all not being a footie supporter. Some of the others however and forcing themselves to be on the land of another footie team other than there own! Oh forgotten to fill out the competition paper. This year we have to guess places. Easier said than done. They’re places one of our directors has been to. I only know about 2 of them. Which is pretty much on par with last years attempt, where we all had to bring in photos of when we were very young!

Well I watch the Minority report yesterday and tonight I’m going to which the Fellowship of the rings’ the first bit. Didn’t see it at the pics as it is apparently very long and a bit heavy going, so watching it at home will allow me to turn it off and do something better instead. Perhaps play gauntlet dark legacy on my P.S. 2.

Tomorrow I better put up a Christmas tree and some decorations I guess – which is what I was going to do today.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

So I’m still alive after the twin towers visit. But only just. I had booked some time off work to spend Friday in the pub for M.P.’s birthday! Great but having woken up on Friday morning it was obviously I was not in the best of health. In fact I feel bad, very very bad. I guess I did on Friday morning but I got my arse out of bed and headed to the varsity for 1pm! And that’s were we stayed for a fair few hours. Mainly because we were waiting for J.P. and Jet whom between them had neither a phone or watch. Which is why I guess we never actually meet them until later in the Chocadeara before moving onto the Sanctuary. Also saw Deb, ZoĆ« and Jim whom I used to work with and still do in the case of Jim. Anyway check out the ‘few’ photos I took. Rememberance is a funny thing.

What I can tell you, is that when I got fully out of bed on Saturday at around 3:30pm feeling hungover and ill I had a text from L.H. saying on bus 4:20 to pub in town, comin? Well I got the 6:20pm bus and the footie was still on. I had a beer or two, some wine and a meal. But I just could not hack it, so I went home early!!!!!!!!!

Here I am now snot pouring out of my nose bored senseless but no energy to do anything so here I sit. I was meant to be going to see that new Bond film but at present I can’t bring myself to do anything (oh woe me!)

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Ok so it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. Perhaps I felt like saying nothing. I’ll start by saying the decorating (yes I know) is still being done. Ah ah it is nearly finished now. Mainly due to my dad on the later part. Yep he got all the plastering done and slowly between us its nearly there. He insisted on doing the ceiling, so I let him. It looking good. A new carpet and that sofa I saw – not the one from sofa sofa oh no something a bit more special and a lot more wonga!!! However there won’t be any time to do any more this weekend. In fact I should be packing right now! I’m of to deadmanjones at the twin towers of Stockport. I can feel a weekend comin on that will be good. Ah so good… Do I have any other thoughts? Swimming was strenuous last night. I can not believe that I even mention to S.R. to check out fitness first and let us know the prices of joining. I really am going completely out of my mind. I think I may have to go and get help. HELP HELP HELP….. I think I’ll leave it there..

Monday, October 28, 2002

Arrived home at roughly 6:30pm after an extended stay in Glasgow and a train journey of hell that has taken 6 and ½ hours to do!!!!(sod the expense, next time by plane I guess) A super Saturday and now wish we could all repeat it yet again (Just so I can remember what happened)... Thought we had come the furthest to join in on the subcrawl, we were wrong. There were some Norwegian girls, a Russian and a South African there to! Bruce and his mates made us most welcome and L.H. and myself had a great time and hopefully can pay them back with a great circlelinepubcrawl early next year. However I never think it will be as good as the BIG subcrawl and the group of 40 that did it together. It was one long mobile party!
However on Sunday morning we found that all the trains had been cancelled to adverse weather conditions! Sticking my head out of the hotel window I could not see any problems with the weather. (Well we were having Scottish weather). With no one answering the train line numbers (i.e. are office hours are) we headed to the station to be told the exact same thing as ceefax. No trains running. Oh hum. At all probably all day and night. I could see not turning up for work on Monday not going well. I told the hotel of our situation and they let us have the room for another night. We then headed to George Square to the Counting House to met Bruce and the other again for drink and bite to eat. Finding George Square was easy. But the counting house??? Well it was right under our noses but we still had to ask a passer by to point it out. Ahah. We later tried the station again but things looked worse. They wouldn’t even say the trains would be running in the morning! What I did like was the women behind us didn’t know about the train problems and couldn’t believe us or the bloke behind the desk that there was no trains!!! L.H, and myself wandered picturesque Glasgow and settled at Bella Pasta for tea and some bottles of wine. Perhaps one of the strangest moments of the weekend was waking up on Sunday morning. Not only to find I was wearing my cloths still but I even had my coat on!!
The camera I won came on Friday and I used it at Glasgow and round the sub crawl. But the pictures are a bit granny as I seem to have put it into the wrong resolution mode. Dissapointed and oppppss.
My dad has done a great job of one of the walls he has plastered while I’ve been away….

Thursday, October 24, 2002

Today there was another icy frost to welcome me to the world this morning as I set out to work. Alternator belt is slipping slightly, can always tell this as the rev counter hesitates to move from 400RPM! No time to adjust this weekend as I’m off to bonnie Glasgow with L.H. I’m not sure how this weekend is going to go. The Novatel we are staying in has no bar which is a downer as we won’t get there until 11:30pm if the train is on time. IF L.O.L. My dad had agreed to take me to work tomorrow so I can catch the train straight after work without having to worry about my car. Hopefully get a lift to the Sack of Spuds outside Aston Uni & meet L.H... Bag not packed yet. Will have to make sure t-shirt is packed along with train tickets and hotel reservation.
My hair needs cutting really really badly now. Not that I will trust a Glaswegian to do it as they probably will not be able to understand me and me neither them!

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Today has flown by. Up, out, got to work, dinner, left work, here and now. Journey home was crap. 7:30 ish by the time I got here. That’s a journey of over one hour. The M6 needs blowing up. Come back IRA. That’s preferably when I’m not on it of course. A bit more paint on the walls and my dad said he’d do the plastering, thankgod. M.P. has a new mobile number, not that I can remember it off hand! ~He emailed it to my work place which seems to have not forward to my home. I tried him on it only to find as usually he is at work but not working! He seemed to be listening to some CD on his laptop. I’m definitely in the wrong job. Well he’s booked me for his birthday on Friday 29th November, an all day bash in Brum if I book the day off work. If I do that I’m definitely not going to New York this year. But if I’m getting that sofa it might be for the best. Also Norfs party is now marked on the calendar for the end of next week. Yiiiiiiiipppppe I feel HaPpY.

Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Got up went to work. Came home. Parents have returned from holiday. Broke the news of the tomato plants and the plastering I need to have done! Everything seems fine. They have bought me gifts back. One mug, some after shave, Calvin Kline Eternity and a bottle opener. Cat is happy now I guess, someone else to play with and feed it.
I’ve got a head ache again so that’s enough of this for tonight!
So I’m back with you….

I got up and was taken to the Lake District for a day. A day working on site that is. One motorway breakfast up there. One large KFC on the way back. I was glade I’d taken my Wolves hat as it was might cold up there. Got back between 8 and 8:30pm ish and believe it or not I actually did some painting!

Sunday, October 20, 2002

Sunday : So here I am sitting at my computer before getting a good nights rest. Off up to the Lake District and beyond for work tomorrow. Weather looks awful but hey that’s life. The tomato plants look like they are not going to recover aghhh. On the good side of things I spent £91 on decorating materials at B&Q (is that a good thing?). Well I’ve got off my arse, with the help of L.H. and done some serious wall papering and painting. I would say I have done 2/3 of it. The other third can’t be done without my dads help as the plaster board is just so bad! Tomorrows task, if I get back early enough, is to give the walls a second coat I guess. How exciting I can’t wait!
Saturday started then with a bad head and some very tired eyes. But hey I’m one piece of clothing up. Its not 8am but 10am so I’m unsure that L.H. will still be up for going to SOFA SOFA in Cardiff. I got in the shower to freshen up and then down stair for a refreshing cup of tea and some toast. My mobile is ringing. It’s a message from L.H. saying its 10:05 am your not here are we going. I call him back and tell him I’m heading out of the door now so he’d better get out of his bed now. I collect him from his house and we head straight to McDonalds to get some more refreshment and coffee. A lovely Big Mac meal for me and a fish Mac for L.H.
We finished our delicious burgers and headed off to the back of beyond in Wales. We manage to find the very small village that the film was shot in. No slaughtered lamb which L.H. was most upset about. There really are two churches there. We parked and noticed two other people roaming around aimlessly. Could there really be other people out there who are as sad as us?? We take loads of photos and write a post card to A.P. We actually post it in the village as amazingly they have a post box for such few houses. When we had spent long enough there we decided not to turn round but to carry on down the ‘white’ roads. These eventually got tiresome and we had a fair way to go to Cardiff so we eventually got back onto the A470 and put our foot down a little bit. L.H. gets the map out as we get nearer Cardiff and notes that Sofa Sofa is not actually in Cardiff but near Newport.
We get to the store and take a look around. There are two particular sofas I already had in mind and perhaps the great thing here was that we were never approached by a sales person even though we went between the two of the styles and slouched for ages, and I mean ages. I’m glad we went in the end as I’ve decide on my second choice and not my first. The second sofa was so much more comfy in the slouch position so that will be the one, Sorrento I think it is called. Just got to decide on which colour now. Either cream, light green or dark blue. Cream I feel my get too dirty too quickly too much of the time. Blue is a bit dark and I’m decorating the room in light green!?!? So not sure yet. Eventually we got off our backsides and went to Blooms next door. A garden come aquatic centre. Bought nothing here either!!!
Time to head to Cardiff, and I was pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting such a vibrant city but I am looking forward to going again. We went to go to the castle but they stopped people entering 5 minutes before we got there. So we walked round it! Then we went to Yates to get some grub, but they had only just stopped serving! So we went to Pizza hut. L.H. his usual Hawaiian and I had the supreme. Delicious although I could not finish all of mine. It was at this point L.H. had pointed out that we had not picked up a post card to send to A.P.! Looking round there was no where to get one now either as everywhere was closed. We dove round Cardiff and Cardiff bay before heading homewould bound. But before going home we dropped by J.G.’s and had a couple of drinks with him in the Pilot so another late night then!
Well I've got a bit of catching up to do here. I left work late on Friday as I often do to miss the horrendous traffic round Birmingham. So late in fact when I called L.H. to see if he fancied going to the pub I thought 2 things:

1. As he has lost his temporary position at Kodak will he have any spare cash to go out with?
2. Will I make it home in time to get changed and still catch the bus.
3. Tea was out of the question!

To add to the situation my phone was virtually out of power. So one TXT in the hope I would get a reply. And I did he was up for it.

Although it was a rush I made it to the bus stop in plenty of time. In fact this bus seems to be getting later and latter. In fact 2 buses’s come at this particular time and L.H. is always on the second. So I am always made look a plonker when the first bus always stops to try and pick me up. However I refuse to get on and stay out in the cold.

Our first stop in town is the bank. No money no beer. We then head to the Walkabout. Quite quiet in there. We discuss the subcrawl in Glasgow which we are attending next week and L.H. is wearing a T-shirt he has got us made to wear defining We also discuss going to Sofa Sofa in Cardiff to look at the Sofas (surprise surprise). On the way, kind of, we were going to stop of where they filmed American Werewolf in London. A small village, 5 houses, 2 churches, 0 pubs (yes the slaughtered lamb does not exist), in Wales NOT Yorkshire. He is up for it so we plan to leave at 8am!
A couple of bevies are had before I suggest we go to the chippie opposite so I can fill my stomach with something a little more substantial then just beer. After the delicious lovely greasy chips we head to the Euro bar where the door man gives us a lecture on ‘get your drinks from the bar and then move away’. For those of you who have never been to the Euro Bar I will explain a couple of things. It’s not a big place, in fact it’s small. On top of that one half is trying to be a dance floor. To get to the bogs you have to get past the bar which everyone is crowded around! They sell Sangria there which is made up in front of you. None of that rubbish pre-made stuff. It’s all made from non-branded stuff mind and if you do have a jug or two or three or four you are guaranteed to have a stonking hangover in the morning. The place is crammed with underage drinkers! Drinking sangria! L.O.L. So apart from the doorman and the bar staff I guess we are the oldest there! Oh yeah they play Euro dance music. A specific type which L.H. and myself call ‘Euro bar Music’. Should we hear a tune anywhere that sounds as if it should be played in this bar one of us usually jumps into the conversation ‘Eurobarmusik’. I think I should shut up as ‘m sounding quite sad now.
We leave the Eurobar and head for O’Neil’s. L.H. has caffery’s I have Grolsch. Nice when you can find somewhere that keeps it well, bloody awful if not, which is how most places seem to keep it in Wolvo. Bar man gives us a card and explains we get a card with each pint of Grolsch we buy. Four cards and we get a long sleeved T-shirt. Having told L.H. how good the Grolsch is for a change we decide we must get a t-shirt each. At his point slow drinking stops and we order another 7 pints of Grolsch!! That’s between us. Now the last bus back home is at 11:10pm so we only had around one hour to consume these drinks and to be honest the seventh pint was only 1/3 drank before we left.
I did get home. In fact I turned the TV on and put on. Got a fishermans pie in the micro wave and bided away. Not that I actually won in any of the auctions or was desperate for the products on offer. But we were bidding from a quid here! I eat my fishermans pie. Next thing I remember was waking up looking at the clock which said 4am and heading to bed! I now know the clock has stopped so what time I woke up down stairs before going to bed is beyond all thoughts.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Today started with the first frost of the autumn. Not good as obliviously I had to defrost the car before setting off to work, just one more obstacle in the way before we start our exciting day at work. More importantly perhaps is the fact I've wtaered my dad's tomatoe plants and not recovered them to protect them from a frost. Yips, I hope they survive. As usual so busy the day passes with a blink of the eye. Being Thursday it is curry day in the canteen. Being my usual routine self I therefore had curry! Found out L.H. has lost his temporary post at Kodak yesterday. Today though they have rung him up. To advise the circle line pub crawl tee shirts have been done!!!! They will forward them tomorrow. I have also ordered some official merchandise from the store. At present it can be ‘opened’ by clicking on the bottom logo on the index bar! When will these turn up or weather I will have to pay duty tax is a complete mystery at the moment. Rover at present is following me around all the time and constantly wants to play. Not that I mind. I suddenly remember, obstacles on the way to work I also had some pull out in front of me on the way home from work. Me missing them by swerving onto the other side of the road. Luckily we did not collide! I have had a couple more burgers tonight, four in total, all with cheese and a drop of ketchup. Now feel very full and quite nauseous!
How’s the decorating going I here you ask! Well I’ve take six raw plugs out of the walls today if that counts. Perhaps better still I’ve ordered a new painting kit from . Or maybe 2 as there ordering system is a bit crap. There again maybe I have ordered none. There seems to be no email confirmation. Oh Hum…

Wednesday, October 16, 2002

No problems getting to work today. In fact I was early for a change, I mean as usual. Nothing major happened today apart from I put my walkman on and nearly forgot to go home. I often stay behind for a while put my tunes on and do a drawing to 'catch up'. Most therapeutic. When I did get home I still havn't opened the polyfiller packet or been to B&Q yet! Tonight I opened a bottle of wine, got the 'Gorege Forman Mean Lean Fat Reducing Machine' out and did myself some 9 burgers! It sounds greedy but all that fat which drops out into the tray means you can have more of them surely? Cast Away was on TV so I watched that, again even though I have it on DVD anyway. Theres nothing like watching a film on TV though is there? Now will I actually get round to the decorating. Nope I'm going to put my head on my pillow and listen to other peoples problems for a while on Virgin Confessions.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Having prised myself out of bed this morning I eventually reached work at 9:35! The midlands road system proving its worth once again. We'll all be glade to know that my hang over has gone! However the everlasting tiredness has not. I promise myself an early night tonight but first I'm off, to go swimming that is. Looking at the rain outside perhaps I need not bother going to the swimming baths. In fact just sticking my head out of window will probably do! (Thats British weather for you). Bet it was nice Oswestry, on second thoughts having spoken to someone there today I know it was just as bad. In fact I heard most people their had given up doing any civil works! So off to do some exercise I guess and believe me this is about as much exercise I get a week.

Monday, October 14, 2002

Got up and still seemed to have a hang over. Well I probably just needed more sleep. A lot more!
For work today I was in Oswestry. Dull and cloudy in Brum. Refreshing and brighter in lovely Wales. The place seems to get further and further away each time I go. Is someone moving it or is it the contentail plates moving apart. Anyway my brother said he'd do me some tea so poped round his and waited to be fed. Which he dully did. He's not a bad cook at all. However if he cooks this well for me too often he will get fed up (no pun inteaded!) of me coming round for a bite to eat. Watched Teachers II (the last episode on E4 before switching channels to catch 'The Office'. What a class night of comedy I've been able to watch.

On the web right now to check out I quit like the Rimini

or the sorrento

Perhaps I should consider getting the paper and painting done first. Not tonight mind I'm (pause to yorn) shattered.

Sunday, October 13, 2002


Well I motivated myself to finish the wall paper stripping. What a grand job. Now to learn how to plaster the 'huge' whole back in. Also will have to find some time to go to B&Q to get wall paper and paint. Will be going for a New England green which is in fact white!!!

As I can't watch my big screen while this decorating larky is going on, what am I going to do with myself?

Oh yeah decorate. Well it will look good for christmas I hope.

What should I do with this blog

I'm not sure what to do with this blog??!!

Should I do a daily account of my life?

Should I use it to air my thoughts

should it be Witty?

Should I make it incredibly boring so the only person who will look at it is me?

Should I bother to make the effort???

Sunday morning, One bad head (self inflicted of course so I'll have to put up with it I guess), and I whiff. Its not that I haven't washed. I've had the famous hour shower, which wasn't an hour actually but the curry smell is seeping through my skin. I need to motivate myself to get the wall paper stripping done. I started yesterday and got half of it done before doing a super man change and fleeing to the bus to watch the England and Slovakia game. Unfortunately a big chunk of plaster has fallen off the wall (not good) and I need to rectify the situation soon. Not that I have been and got any wall paper yet but fist things first. The room is a mess now and I wish I'd never touched it but I suppose that DIY for you.

Feeling bad I've called my brother luckily he was in ASDA so I've given him a shopping list of things for him to bring down later. (I take the last swig of tea from the mug). ORANGE JUICE PLEASE. Will it cure me? I doubt it but and desperate for the taste on my poisoned tongue.

Oddities of last night then: went and saw the footie match even though I'm no footie fan! Got to town went to the Tap and Spile with L.H. before moving on to the Varsity to watch the footie. The key word here is WATCH as they had no sound!??!! In act the first half they had sub titles on. Send G.A. a sarcastic text back as J.G advises he's not coming after all. I bet he gets miffed about it and doesn't see the funny side to it at all!!!!

The text: R U watching footie in town or not bothering-no one appears to have the decency to tell me what's going on as usual! Nack Ah ah

[the nack ah ah was added by me obviously as this was the message he'd sent to me while I was standing at the bus stop waiting for the bus to town]

Second half the majority of people left was it the quality of the match or the fact there was no sound. After match and a chin wag went 'upstairs' to watch Deletia. They promised to be good and they were. Sound in that place doesn't make them shine though. A couple of new songs were played and they're usual 'u r u aren't' which I can't stand on CD but it works fantastically live. Went to the Posada with L.H. Can't remember what happened to J.G. guess he went home. S.B. popped in and had a late drink before we bumped into T.P.'s Mark. S.B. and myself went to blast off where I can remember ordering the Daddy of Beers. Not that I like it but I didn't want to drink like a fish so I thought it would slow me down. Can recall checking out down stairs (upstairs downstairs ah ah) for the eighties music but it was heavy metal this week AGGGGGGHHHH! didn't stay there so went to the back room for a bit and then the front. Took S.B. for a curry but on the way the Giffard Arms was open! So we went in for another drink. Not a daddy this time. Drank up and went to see Mr King. I have no recollection of the curry I had but at the time I do remember thinking this is one of the best I've had for ages. Waited ages for taxi. Managed to jump in one when Mr King nearly jumped in the car himself!!!! I think they may have been a taxi shortage again. (the famous Wolvo taxi shortage - never enough taxis to round). So here I am awake with a sore head and no orange juice.

Called A.P. but no one answered. So I left a brief message on their phone. 'Its Nack my head hurts'....

Will I do any wall paper stripping?????

Was it boring enough. Well as I'm not updating the NackUK web page until later in the month one will not know for a while.

Friday, October 11, 2002


"Nowhere Near The End Of the Rainbow"
contains information that is non-accurate, made up and in some cases just down right lies. Anything in this blogg may be based on true fiction but to help dramatise it, some items may have been embellished. Some names are made up, others are not and any that are familar to yours just are.





 Near The End Of The Rainbow

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