Monday, December 16, 2002

So I’ve recovered from that cold flu thing although I did venture to work most days anyway. Started taking Beechem’s All In One, which actually made me feel quite giddy and high while taking it. In fact two bottles latter and would readily have more!
Since I last blogged I have seen the new bond film. Okay dokey, just what I expected but there is one point which is just isn’t well done at all. A surfing bit and I’m not talking about the bit at the beginning of the film! So I’ve had another long weekend but have achieved very little. I’ve updated the subcrawl web page dramatically and also did plenty of work on the but there still some to do on that! Most come up with our own logo.
My works Christmas do is this Saturday coming. It’s being held at the Aston Villa footie ground, which doesn’t bother me at all not being a footie supporter. Some of the others however and forcing themselves to be on the land of another footie team other than there own! Oh forgotten to fill out the competition paper. This year we have to guess places. Easier said than done. They’re places one of our directors has been to. I only know about 2 of them. Which is pretty much on par with last years attempt, where we all had to bring in photos of when we were very young!

Well I watch the Minority report yesterday and tonight I’m going to which the Fellowship of the rings’ the first bit. Didn’t see it at the pics as it is apparently very long and a bit heavy going, so watching it at home will allow me to turn it off and do something better instead. Perhaps play gauntlet dark legacy on my P.S. 2.

Tomorrow I better put up a Christmas tree and some decorations I guess – which is what I was going to do today.

Sunday, December 01, 2002

So I’m still alive after the twin towers visit. But only just. I had booked some time off work to spend Friday in the pub for M.P.’s birthday! Great but having woken up on Friday morning it was obviously I was not in the best of health. In fact I feel bad, very very bad. I guess I did on Friday morning but I got my arse out of bed and headed to the varsity for 1pm! And that’s were we stayed for a fair few hours. Mainly because we were waiting for J.P. and Jet whom between them had neither a phone or watch. Which is why I guess we never actually meet them until later in the Chocadeara before moving onto the Sanctuary. Also saw Deb, ZoĆ« and Jim whom I used to work with and still do in the case of Jim. Anyway check out the ‘few’ photos I took. Rememberance is a funny thing.

What I can tell you, is that when I got fully out of bed on Saturday at around 3:30pm feeling hungover and ill I had a text from L.H. saying on bus 4:20 to pub in town, comin? Well I got the 6:20pm bus and the footie was still on. I had a beer or two, some wine and a meal. But I just could not hack it, so I went home early!!!!!!!!!

Here I am now snot pouring out of my nose bored senseless but no energy to do anything so here I sit. I was meant to be going to see that new Bond film but at present I can’t bring myself to do anything (oh woe me!)


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