Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Well it would appear I've been a bit quiet lately but he truth of it is that I've been sat in front of my PC updateing The Circle Line Pub Crawl for nearly 3 days.
Luckily I was prepared with a tin of chocolates, even though I don't like choclates and a few beers. Considering I don't like choclates I only have about 7 left!

Well the website has out grown the 10mb space viring give you so it will be moved to another server when I can work out how to send it and the connection time is off peak.

Last night was poker night and I did terrible. Someknicked over red wine on the Mat which is now in the toilet room and no txi came when we booked it. Bloody tipical of Wolvo taxis.

Today I've been up town to get some blastoff tickets for tommorrow.

I then nipped into Mat and Norfs for a cuppa tea (makes a change froma dump) and a thrashin on some tennis game by Matt, although I thrashed Norf prior to that.

Now sitting hopeing for a game of TOCA2 with Big-L over the internet!

Friday, December 26, 2003

Well lets wind time back a touch. After my blog on christmas eve I went shopping to Wolvo, parked round Mats and walked down to the center as I passed the cycle shop the manakin had been dressed in a santa suit. The owner most have decided it was to cold for him to just wear a cycle helmet in front of his private parts. Or perhaps the police had to many prank calls about a naked man up snow hill. Never the less he was out in festive spirit. It was refreshing to be in the cool air and every time I went in a shop I nearly died from the stale heat and out I would pop again for air. Rog called me and asked if I could return the present he had dropped round as it was not mine. More to the point I hadn't received any present from him. I told him I would be round later anyway to see him. I got the couple of things I needed and stayed away from my usually hangover cure (KFC if you had not realised by now). Eventually I decided it was time to go to Rog's, I considered a cup of tea and a shit round Mat's but resisted on this occasion. Got round Rog's to meat Robert and his sister Tracey who had my real present! After that short visit I went round my brother to collect him and his cat and take them down my parents before we headed down to the four Ashes for the Traditional annual festive drink a phone. Every year the group gets bigger and bigger that attend the Four Ashes Harrows (for pit stop and beer) before ending up in the Rainbow.

In the Harrows

In the Rainbow

In fact the Rainbow was full! To the brim and then there were people outside too. Eventually we would be back but not until twelve tomorrow.

Woke up feeling great and to the sound of my mobile phone beeping with a message from Mat - Merry Xmas Rainbow at 12!

luckily he brought Andy round with the car so we didn't have to walk up and what I promised to be just one pint to myself as per every year turned out to be 3 and back just in time for dinner with my parents. Andy Poade and Terresa bought me a lovely red hat!

After filling my stomach with food I waited the screening of Only Fools and Horses. To pass the time I watched the last two episodes of the Teachers series 2 I had left to watch.

Today I have done very little but have managed to finish my book 'FIN' and put a review in the books section! That be all for now while I whisk a couple of hours away listening to the Pet Shop Boys DVD.

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Oddly looking thorugh google I found this

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Well I did fall over, but only because I was not taking it as easy as I should. And when I feel it was hard to get up. In fact at one point I couldn't.
Mat's asked me to stop counting the times he falls over which I can oblige as he falls over so often that I lose count anyway. I would like to point out that on the one occasion he did fall he casually looked back up the slop to see if I had seen him. What he hadn't noticed was I had followed him down right behind him:)

Yesterday we finished work at 3:30pm and a small group of us went to the Old Joint Stock

After filling our stomachs with as much beer as possible we then headed to pizza hut in New Street. Where someone started taking photos.

When we had stomachs full of food we headed back to the pub?!!??

I caught the virgin midnight 01 back home, and here I am now feeling well I can't wait to go tot he pub later tonight!

Monday, December 22, 2003

Well a good Saturday night was had by all. The Mosley Parklands did an adequate meal which was brightened up no end by the balloons, crackers and a camera as I forgot to take my digital one! unfortunately I didn't get the numbers right and there 21 of us not 19. I regret that I had forgotten to write down Nipper and Sarah on the form. Eck Sorry. We all got dinner though. And when our balloons ran out we just reached across and got some more off the next table. It must have seemed odd to them when they arrived why we had soooo many goodies and they had sooo few? Anyway all incriminating acts are caught of film and I still have the camera!

After we were going to catch the bus to the Rainbow as Paul Beasons dad was doing a karaoke set-up there. unfortunately half of us missed it and in the rush to catch it I jumped over a hedge as a short cut, slipped in sum mud and fell on my shoulder which is in real pain.

Sunday got up with a hang over and how did I get home? Big-L collected us and after a tour of the whole of Trysull we managed to find the match. What appalling play by the Rainbow and it really was cold. This was followed by dinner at the Lion in Brewood with the family for a super Beef dinner. And there was so much of it. An afternoon nap and a read of my book.

Today has been quiet at work if rather busy. Shoulder no better and I struggled to drive. Luckily Mat has agreed to drive us to snowboarding, I just hope I don't fall over as I'm not sure I'd be able to get back up!

Friday, December 19, 2003

It worries me when Deadmanjones doesn't write anything for a while. But now he has!

Tommorrow is the food fest down the MoselyParkLands. Nips just txt me to say he has rung them up and invited 4 more people.

'Hi nack. Looking forward to tomorrow thanks for organising. Have been very cheeky and booked 4 more in Moseley. Hope thats ok nip'

I hope they're babes but thinking this they will be 4 blokes no doubt!

Soon I will have to start my christmas shopping - perhaps tommorrow?

Monday, December 15, 2003

Can't say much seemed to happen this weekend. Paid for the snowboarding holiday at a reputable firm which seems to have got things wrong! Anyway it's sorted now roll on March 2004.
Popped in Game and came out with 3 copies of Sid Meiers Alpha Centuri. 3 copies I hear you say and is what the sales person said, well yes I wont to play my mates on the internet with it. God it looks a complicated game.

Went up town on Saturday night with Big-L, Beardy and Gaz. After last weeks sick call from Beardy he played his joker and drank very slowly this week!

Sunday and theres no footie on, so why did I wake up so early. I collect Big-L's pc up and go round my brothers with it. While its is being re-installed we watch die another day on his dolby 5.1 system. I will have to get one sorted as soon as possible!

Later went and saw Love Actually at cineworld. Nice christmassay girly film. Funny in places, nice change from violence and crime!

Friday, December 12, 2003

Erm all these VHS films I must get rid of I know I'll try selling 2 of them namely Pulp fiction special collectors edition in widescreen and Reservoir Dogs on ebay.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

This is an old classic and for the likes of people like me whom now run XP some smart arse has come up with a program that will allow you to install it and use all the screen!
So what you waiting for get on and do it and remiss about the screen saver that brought a complete stop to the working environment back in 1996. Just follow the instructions below to make it work for you!

Running Johnny under Windows XP

There maybe problems running Johnny as a screen saver under Windows XP, as that operating system will only accept 32-bit screen savers, and Johnny is 16-bit

Gary Neilson on 14 Aug 2003 wrote a program that should make things much easier for XP users:

"I noticed that on your web site that you have had reports that the Johnny Castaway screen saver does not run on Windows XP. This is quite true, however, I have managed to get it to run on Windows XP by creating a small application in Visual Basic that takes control of the screen saver. As you may find it of use to Windows XP users that visit your web site, I have attached it in a ZIP file. The ZIP contains 2 files named JohhnyCastawayXP.SCR and JOHNCAST.BAT. These files should be extracted into C:\WINDOWS and users should then be able to use the screen saver as normal."

Johnny Castaway was originally written for Windows 3.1 users, who mainly worked with screen resolutions of 640 x 480, so at that time, the screen saver filled the entire screen. Today, most people work with screen resolutions of 1024 x 768 and upwards which means that the screen saver appears in a small window in the centre of the screen. To overcome this, the program that I have created also takes control of the screen resolution so that Johnny Castaway fills the entire screen. I hope that it is of use to all of Johnny's fans!

The only assumption made by my application is that the program files are installed into C:\WINDOWS. This was the default location that the install program placed the files into when I ran it (I downloaded the install from http://store.yahoo.com/screensavers1/johnnycastaway.html).

You can download Gary's zip, including his installation instructions, here (It's only about 5K).

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Sunday brought the Wonderstuff concert at the NIA in Brum.

And things were started off by Voice of the Beehive, which if you ever get the chance to see them perform you should not miss!

The the stuffies came on for a glorious couple of hours, and near the end he got POPWILLEATITSELF's singer to perfom a track on stage. ooohohh


Monday I went snowboarding with Matt who seemed to have found the ability to fall over all the time. He kept putting down to people cutting across him! Now I'm not saying I didn't fall over but when Matt says at the top watch this I do not expect him to have fallen over within 5 meters. He looked round to see me watching him. I really wanted to shout out I'm watching just like you said. Another time when I was at the bottom I waited to watch him come down. Only he did on his arse several times!!! (I have no doubt these little comments will antagonize him no end).

When I dropped him off in Coven at about 12:15am there was an enormous amount for police around. Something was going down other than Matts arse!

Tuesday and the M^6 Toll road is officially opened which explains why I ended up still motionless on the M6 again!

Tuesday night brought another trip to the NIA in Brum to Eddie Izzard.

Well that put another smile on my face!!!

Thought I had better put last Sundays footie picks up!


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